Life Beyond the Basement: Upcoming Furniture Projects

Sometimes it’s a little hard to remember that there will come a time–like maybe this weekend–when we’ll be working on parts of our house other than the basement again. But that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to BUY things for other parts of our house.

One of the nice things about finishing the room in our basement is that I have big plans to move a bunch of stuff down there that’s currently occupying space it shouldn’t be occupying upstairs. Like all of our board games will move out of my china cabinet. And the guitars and amp and projector crap will move out of the library. And when they do, I want to spend a little time making some minor library tweaks.

Example: One of the smallest projects on our list of goals for 2014 was making or buying a coffee table for the library. I really thought we’d end up making one, but when I priced out buying mid-century style legs for it (for a mid-century style table is what I was after), it didn’t really seem to make a whole lot of sense to make one instead of stalking Craigslist and thrift stores. I needed something with nice clean lines and something small. One finally turned up at my mom’s shop the other week, and I called her right away to grab it for me. I think I paid $50 for it (or, more precisely, my mom did, and we agreed to swap out some future furniture painting for it).


It’s painted green and distressed right now, but I have big plans to do….something with it. I might well just paint it white–maybe with gold dipped legs? Or I might do something more exciting. But I don’t know what. Anyway, it’s the perfect size and style for that room, and I’m happy to have something else ticked off the goal list. Ticking off things on lists is my favorite.

And then. Remember how I bought new chairs for my dining room back in…..good lord….MARCH?!

Yeah, so those have been sitting in my garage ever since. I said back when I bought them that I didn’t like the ones with the off-whiteish seats and bigger caning nearly as much as the others (there are 4 of each). But walking past them every day (to get to my car in the driveway, because you can’t park in your garage when it’s full of chairs) has made me sort of hate them. They are not worthy of sharing a table with the cooler chairs with the little gold knobs.

So I’ve been keeping my eye out for another set of 4 to replace crappy off whiteish chairs. And some popped up on one of my facebook groups last week. I was sure I would miss out on them because it was Monday when I saw them, and last week was crazy so there was no way we could get them before the weekend. They were priced at 4 for $80, and someone came along almost immediately and offered to take 2 of them for $25. I sent a message saying I understood if someone got there before me, but I would definitely take all four at $80 as long as they were nice and sturdy (i.e. “please don’t sell them to the lowballer!”) and the seller said she’d be happy to hold them for me. Yay!


There are two of each style, and I’m really excited about how I can use the lower chairs on the ends of the table. I think these are going to be a much better match, stylistically, with the green fabric chairs I already had. So now we just have to get to the painting and upholstering. Before Thanksgiving, ideally.

My basement reveal is TOMORROW! I’m frantically trying to finish up very last minute projects and get decent pictures in the dark basement, but I’m excited to show it to you. In the meantime, check out the other reveals that are happening; they’re blowing me away with their awesomeness:

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Life Beyond the Basement: Upcoming Furniture Projects — 15 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to see how you paint the chairs. I have some that need to be done before Thanksgiving but refinishing furniture can be difficult to do correclty. I have already got the seats recovered!

    • Now, see, the seat recovering is the part I’m terrified of….I’m fairly confident in our painting skills, but sure I’m going to mess up the fabric!

      • Are you going to chalk paint them or what? We got a really beautiful solid antique chair for Fred’s bedroom desk and I had him recover it. Will post a pic on my instagram. Love your blog. I need inspiration and ideas from others!!

        • Ha–I guess my instagram post means I’m too late replying to this….I’ve had fabric for the chairs for months now, but I’m just getting around to using it. Love Fred’s chair!

        • oops….also I read this wrong. No, we have a paint sprayer, so they’re getting standard semi-gloss paint and then finished with polyacrylic

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