Little Things

We all know that I am perfectly capable of going on at great length about very small things. But sometimes we make changes around the house so minor that I can’t even justify a post about them. Unless I can think up a really good story to go with them. But these things are not like that. But there are enough little things built up now that I feel like they can sustain a post. Especially since I didn’t finish the project I was going to blog about today yet.

1. I have this big glass doored cabinet that has been in every room downstairs except for the kitchen and the bathroom. I love it, but it’s huge and….wrong everywhere. It was in the sunroom for awhile:

….but I just wasn’t liking it there. It was too big and tall, and it meant the chairs had to be farther off the wall than I wanted.

I’m not sure why we’d never had it in the dining room before. We moved it in there, and clearly that’s where it wants to live:

Eventually I’d like to find another place for all those board games and fill it up with pretty dishes and whatnot instead. And I have big plans for the now unoccupied space in the sunroom, too (it’s actually occupied by the trunk coffee table, because we keep it shoved out of the way so Abe can play on the rug. But that’s not the long term plan).

2. Instagram people have already seen this awesome chair I picked up for Ari’s room at the thrift store a few weeks ago:

I had run in right quick in my (since completed) search for kitchen chairs, and saw this sitting right up front, with a $20 price tag, instead. Ari had asked for a papasan chair for his room, but there was just no way to fit one. So I thought this would be a perfect substitute–round and comfortable, but the right size for his room. And already red! Sold! Here’s how that corner’s looking now:

(Ari’s room is the nicest part of the house because if I need to take a picture of something in there, I don’t even have to clean up first. Go Ari!)

3. I mentioned this little ottoman before, but never posted about its final destination (at least I don’t think I have! I hope I’m right):

I put my feet on it when I rock Abe! So practical!

Oh, also, there’s a baby who’s almost crawlingΒ in there, too, now:

By the way, see that romper he’s wearing?

Ari wore it when he was a baby, too. It’s one of the few baby things I saved (actually…I have a TON of 18-24 summer clothes that I saved because it was my favorite baby fashion season of all time…the summer Ari was one. I’m pretty sure Abe will fit into all of that next summer).

4. Target’s Dollar Spot has these little tin pails with chalkboard labels on them. I thought they’d be perfect for holding…chalk! next to the chalkboard wall. I used a couple of command strip hooks. As you can see, the chalkboard wall is still getting plenty of use:

5. We switched out foster dogs, too. PumpkinΒ (now Murphy) went to his new home last weekend. They’ve already sent me a picture of him wearing his new Superman t-shirt :).

Now we have Bella the Beagle (Pumpkin the Poodle, Bella the Beagle….just realized that. Bella came with her name, though):

She’s very sweet and very skinny. Someone did not feed her nearly enough, and there’s nothing sadder than a too skinny beagle. Beagles love to eat. We are already hard at work fattening her up.

I’ve never had matching dogs before. It’s kind of funny:


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  1. that red chair is fantastic, it fits perfect and I think it’s a great substitute. We used to have a papisan chair too but it didn’t work anywhere when we moved to the house– they are SOOO bulky. And do not fit in my trunk.

    also, so glad Bella ended up with you. a house with lots of kids is the perfect place to get all sorts of scraps of food and fatten up fast! πŸ™‚

  2. I like seeing all the small updates. The chair and ottoman are great. The baby and dogs really make the post though! πŸ™‚

  3. As soon as I saw the big cabinet in the dining room I thought the same thing. That’s where it should be now. Love the idea of adding plates and stuff down the road.

    Love the red chair. Such a fun addition to his room.

    Abe is adorable (of course).

    Your dog pictures are blowing me away. Fabulous. Good to hear you are fattening her up a bit πŸ™‚

    • It almost freaks me out a little that I don’t which dog it is when I just see one out of the corner of my eye. My other dog is shaggy and gray and weighs 55 pounds, so there’s no chance of mistaking him for a beagle!

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