So Many Parties: Inspiration and Ideas

Do you know one of the problems with having four kids? They tend to have four birthdays, too. Ari and Milo both have close together early summer birthdays, and Gus and Abe both have winter birthdays….all crammed in together with Christmas and Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Gus is early December, and Abe is the middle of January, so I’m not really expecting any time to catch my breath between now and February.

So I thought it might be good to start thinking ahead now.

Gus has long wanted an outdoor movie party:



Backyard Movie Night Party at Living on Love

This actually sounded like a lot of fun, except….December birthday. Now, we’re in Georgia. It could be 70 in early December. It also could be….11 or so.

I thought maybe I could offer up an irresistible alternative. “Gus,” I said, “would you rather have a movie party or a Doctor Who party?”

He thought for a minute.

“Both,” he said.

Well, then. So I guess we’re having a backyard Doctor Who watching party? This also sounds fun, except for the cold part. But I figure kids can bring coats and grown-ups can stay inside, and if it’s really 11, we have a TV inside as a back-up.

I was originally thinking we’d just rent a projector to do the movie, but now I’m getting pretty into the idea of having a projector and making backyard movie night a regular event around here. You know, in spring and summer and fall. So we’re considering buying a projector as a family Christmas present this year. More research needed on exactly how expensive a venture this might be.

And then we could make a screen for it with PVC pipes. That sounds pretty cool:

movie screen

Geekdad’s DIY Movie Screen

Movie party is really plenty of theme in itself:

movie-marquee sign-ohappyday

DIY Marquee Sign at Oh Happy Day


How to Host a Backyard Movie Night at The Sits Girls


Movie Cupcakes at Spotted Canary

But there are also 87 MILLION ideas for Doctor Who themed party stuff online (I counted). I find myself a little overwhelmed. Do I pick one of the two themes and go for it? Or do a little of each? I was drawn more to Doctor Who-ing up until I just went and found my inspiration pics for the movie night theme. Now I’m torn.

Maybe mostly movie night stuff but then Doctor Who favors? In Tardis blue boxes?

And then there is Abe’s first birthday party. As near as I can tell from my online research, first birthday parties mostly exist so that you can set up a beautiful display of themed decorations and food, on some sort of large table or buffet, and then take pictures of your baby sitting in front of it in a high chair. Later, your baby eats cake.

This sounds pretty straightforward. I just have to pick the theme that makes for the prettiest pictures.

I have three top contenders at the moment.

I had already considered an Abe Lincoln party, but then Anu from Nalle’s House sent me the link to this amazing Lincoln-themed first birthday party, and that sent it right up to the top of the list.

But of course, there are also whales/ocean stuff, like his nursery.

Or maybe music. Because he actually likes music, whereas he doesn’t really have a clue about Abe Lincoln or whales.

I tried really hard to find pretty pictures to go along with these last two potential themes, but I have been thwarted at every turn! Every turn, I tell you. And, anyway, Abe’s birthday’s not until January, so I have some time. But that’s where I am for now with party planning. Early stages. Is where I am.


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    • You can rent them here, too, and we may wind up going that route….but I figure for the price of a couple/few rentals we could have our own stuff and do movie nights all the time….which would be fun 🙂

  1. I can totally relate with all the celebrations at once. The boys birthdays are so close and both around Thanksgiving. It makes for a lot of entertaining, cooking and planning. I love the outdoor movie party idea and you already know that I love that Abe Lincoln party. 🙂

  2. This looks like a blast lady!!! Love the screen!!! You take care! How busy is that to have 2 birthdays mixed in with the holidays! I have no doubt that you will rock it out!!!

  3. You are a great mom. My mom would only let us have birthday parties ever 5 years or something like that. haha! I love the idea of outdoor movie parties. We have a really old projector that we only use for outside things. Our nice projector stays cozy on the inside of the abode. Good luck with all the planning! And may the weather odds be ever in your favor!

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