Master Bedroom Progress: Cane Chair

The other day I woke up and nudged Dave and pointed to the corner and said, “do you remember what an awesome chair we have now?”

My friend Kristi and I went to yard sales the other day (I keep talking about “my friend Kristi” here, and I also keep trying to get her to write a guest post. Like maybe about her fabulous fireplace makeover. Or her lovely newly finished basement. Kristi?)

We didn’t find a whole lot at garage sales. I found a ceramic sea shell. She found a poo poo panda for her three boys:

It poops jelly beans! Brown ones.

But then we went to the thrift store, and I spotted that cane chair (I googled. I think I can call it a “barrel backed cane chair”). It was $40, which isn’t nothing, and I thought, “I am not sure where to put that chair. Maybe if it’s still there when we leave I’ll get it.”

Then we were looking at paintings, and Kristi told me a story about how, recently, she was at a thrift store and found a painting of a collie. “Or maybe it was a sheltie,” she said, and how she hadn’t bought it and now she wished she had.

I meditated on this cautionary tale for a minute.

“I think I’d better go get that chair,” I said.

So I did. I brought it home, and I realized that–duh!–I have the PERFECT place for it. In this corner of my bedroom. “We can sit in the chair and put our shoes on,” I thought to myself.

I love my chair. I know it’s fashionable to paint and reupholster such chairs these days to make them more modern, but mine’s staying how it is. Reupholstering and I don’t get along, for one thing. And also I love it just the way it is. The green is lovely….more of an emerald-y color than the olive you might expect from a chair of its vintage.

Here’s how that side of my bedroom is looking now:

You might notice the boat picture I was so fond of is gone now, replaced by that gold mirror. It didn’t really seem to fit in anymore with all the other stuff going on in there. I’m thinking maybe sunroom for the boat picture.I bought the mirror at the same time as the chair, thinking I might paint it and hang it in the foyer. But then I realized I could hang it there, and I wouldn’t even need to paint it! Perfect!

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Master Bedroom Progress: Cane Chair — 34 Comments

  1. WOW that is a fantastic chair. I love the green cover with the dark dresser and the gold mirror. It looks fantastic.

    I have a couple of cane chairs in our master too – although not as fancy as this one :). Love the look.

  2. Loving that chair! You are so lucky to find something that’s in such great condition to keep it as-is. That color is amazing! I’m looking for a chair for my bedroom as well, and all the chairs at my local thrift stores are in need of some major reupholstering 🙁 Nice find!

    • Thanks! Someday maybe I’ll get brave enough to tackle reupholstering stuff, but for now I’m sticking with just holding out for lucky finds that don’t need it 🙂

  3. What a fantastic chair! I always feel that when thrift shopping, if you are on the fence about buying something, it’s always better to DO IT. And if you change your mind, sell it on the classifieds. That eliminates all major regrets.

  4. The chair is lovely! I love the green colour of the original fabric. A house down the street from us has a pair of similar chairs out on the front porch and I am always admiring them AND wondering why they’re letting them get ruined out there!

  5. I love the chair. Is it from the same thrift store that you linked in another post? I think I need to go there.

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