May in Review

thumbnails from May postsIn case you missed anything…..

Looks like this was a big month for shopping and then posting about stuff I bought. Also a very kid intensive month (somehow, it feels like all my months are kid intensive, really….)

We finally turned our Ikea Numerar scraps into a cutting board. I talked about feeding toddlers and my kids’ love of kefir. I went on a thrifting tour for Dwell with Dignity and came home with a whole bunch of brass animals.

I bought a beautiful bowl and a new blanket for our bed. We made Abe a play kitchen.

I talked about how there is still lots to do in the downstairs part of our house. I heroically organized Milo and August’s closets. Abe turned sixteen months old.

I found an amazing animal alphabet poster, even more full of alliteration than this sentence is. We got a new paint sprayer and painted new beds for the kids’ room. We talked about how we built a rock climbing wall and ramp for the swing set.

Abe’s Backyard Play Kitchen


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