My Mom’s A-frame House Tour, Part 3: The Screen Porch

Long time readers will recall that I am very, very slowly rolling out a tour of my mom’s A-frame house. Nearly two years ago, I showed you most of the first floor, including the kitchen and living room. And then a little over a year ago, I posted the upstairs (bedrooms and bathroom). So now that’s it’s 2016, it’s time for another installment!

To remind/orient you, here’s the house from the front:

A-frame exterior

This is the house I grew up in, but it’s gone through a lot of changes over the years. Including the porch I’m about to show you. When I was a kid, the porch wasn’t there at all; the house ended with two bedrooms at the back of the first floor, and there was just a small deck off the kitchen, on the side of the house. Then, at some point (I guess when the pool was put in?) the deck was expanded so that it wrapped all the way around to the back of the house. And then the final stage was enclosing the back part of the deck to make a screened-in porch, which is how it is today.

Here’s what it looks like from the back:


Uhh, Abe is in this picture, too. And my brother and my sister in law. And my tripod. And a bunch of shoes. But you get the idea. I’m taking this picture from the far side of the pool. Someday (2017?) I’ll do a post about all the outside areas and landscaping; you can get just a taste of it in this photo).

The porch doesn’t require a whole lot of explanation, so this post will mostly be tons of photos. My mom and stepdad use the porch all the time; any time the weather is at all reasonable for it, that’s where they hang out.

French doors in the den lead out to the porch:

french doors on A-frame porch

Here’s are a couple of shots of more or less the whole space:

A frame screen porch

Screen porch in A-frame cottage

There are a few different seating areas:

wicker table and chairs on screen porch

momporch08s momporch04s

Abe has his own little chair at this one:


momporch10s momporch11s

I’m a very big fan of this bird painting by a local artist:



She had new doors put in recently:


More fun details:

momporch09s momporch14s momporch12s


And here’s my mom herself, in her natural habitat :):


And that wraps up our porch tour! I think eventually this will be a five part series; I still have the aforementioned landscaping to show you, as well as the office and downstairs bathroom.

We’re on our summer road trip right now (you can follow along on instagram at BContheRoad and on my travel blog (which doesn’t have any posts about this trip yet, but will soon (knock wood)), but I’m so dedicated that I took photos of not just my mom’s porch, but yet another surprise location before we left….so you can look for that post next week!



My Mom’s A-frame House Tour, Part 3: The Screen Porch — 18 Comments

  1. Beautiful “beachy”house! Really like all the reclaimed wood items. May I ask what is the square footage of whole house?

  2. Such a happy place. I love the wicker chairs and their lovely color. Did y’all paint them or did they come that color. I would love the name of the color if possible.

    • The chairs have been painted a couple of times, if I remember right. The latest is just krylon chalky finish spray paint; the color is called mink. HTH–thanks for stopping by!

  3. whooo painted the cool loon-ish bird painting on (I’m assuming here) reclaimed wood? Love it! Want one! btw, lovely home, want to move right in! thx for the lovely porch etc tour!

    • I asked my mom, but all she knows is that the artist’s name is Ramona. Probably not enough to go on–sorry! (she says she might be able to find out, though–I’ll let you know if she does) And thanks for stopping by 🙂

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