A (Mostly) Black and White Gallery Wall

Posts have been sparse around here because we just got back from a week and a half in California, where we had a great time seeing family and beaches and redwood trees and whatnot. More on that later, but today a quick post with a few more details about the gallery wall in our master bathroom.

I’ve been trying to assemble a collection for this wall ever since we started working on the bathroom, and I still was scrambling to find a couple more pieces at the end, so maybe it’s good that it took us as long to finish as it did. Maybe.


The Doris Scott Nelson zebra print is thrifted, and I left it in the silver frame in came in. I almost passed it up at the thrift store, but decided it was just charming enough to come home with me:

doris scott nelson zebra print

Moving on to the next section…..


The top left picture was the last one to be picked, and it took me forever. I combed through all my usual sources for printables, searched through my stockpile of basement prints, printed and then rejected a couple of possibilities…..and finally ended up framing a card that came in the box with Moby Dick, or The Card Game–one of the kids’ Christmas gifts (which, incidentally, we still haven’t played, because we haven’t finished Moby Dick, and they don’t want any spoilers). It’s not an actual card from the game; they sent along a few of these 5x7ish postcard like things….this one says Ishmael on it (I know the photo up there is grainy and hard to read; sorry!) and has a quote from the novel. I stuck it in an Ikea Ribba frame, and that was that.

Next to it is a hedgehog card that my friend Maureen gave me for my birthday this year. I loved the hedgehog too much to recycle the card, so here it is. Not exactly black and white, but neutral enough not to bother me here.

Then we have a little terrier that I printed out from my favorite printables source, the Biodiversity Heritage Library. I like him because he looks like my Rory. I had hoped to have a representation of each of the dogs here, but I couldn’t find a beagle I liked.

Next row is where we have my Scottie, though. It’s a page from a vintage book that I ordered from Etsy.

And then a cat print (uhh, things are a little animal heavy here, as per usual) from the thrift store.

Last group:


The first print on the top left is a Pamela Hanson photo. That one plus the Robert Doisneau poster (and the Marc Trautmann one that’s on the other side of the closet door) were all in our old house, but haven’t had a home in this house until now.

The top right frame holds a line from a Robert Penn Warren poem that was read at our wedding. I posted about it here. And then the one under that is a thrifted drawing of the swan boats in Boston (where we lived when we first got married. Not in the swan boats. In Boston).

I have no particular method for hanging gallery walls. We don’t make handy little squares with painters tape on the wall or anything. I lay everything out on the floor or bed to figure out how I want the frames arranged and then we eyeball the nails and hanging part. It’s all very technical.

One more tiny bathroom post to come, and then I’m going to have to actually work on a different room or something for a change! I have some ideas 😉



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  1. I love it too. I have that cat and the used to have the girl putting on makeup with the guy watching in my teen room growing up. I had completely forgotten about that poster…memories!

  2. Love it! I’ve been thinking of doing all black and white for the living room since the wallpaper is already loud. I just have to gather it all up which means it will probably never happen.

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