Peacock Duvet Cover + Fun with the Wide Angle Lens

Not much has changed in our master bedroom for awhile now….except the bedding, which changes constantly. I can’t seem to settle on anything. I mean, this would be fine if I were changing things up for fun to try something different, but it’s always because I was never really happy with what was in there to start with. Here’s where it started:

I love that duvet cover. It’s from West Elm and I had been stalking it and waiting for a sale for forever. Since way before the rest of the room came together, in fact, which was sort of the problem. It fit with my original ideas about the room but not with what we ultimately ended up with, I don’t think.

Eventually I took the cover off the duvet and just went with really simple white and gray for awhile:

master bedroom with new blanket

This was fine, really….except that dogs sleep on our bed and a white duvet is just really not going to work for us.

Then we picked up this duvet cover at Ikea awhile back. I was never really crazy about this, but Dave really likes paisley, and I didn’t have any particular objections, and it was cheap and had enough pattern to cover up some dog dirt, so that I wasn’t washing it every three days:

But now! We have a little color and excitement going on for a change!

Honestly, I have no idea how long this one will end up staying either, but I’m enjoying having a lot of color in here (and peacocks!) for now. I’ve always loved yellow against that wall color (Benjamin Moore’s Newburg Green), but I’m not typically a big yellow person, so I’ve never had a lot of it in this room before.

Let me tell you two quick stories, one of which has nothing to do with this new duvet comforter and one of which has the duvet cover as its sole topic.

Perhaps you remember my computer woes that I talked about in my last post. Well, I got a new computer. It’s a MacBook, which is new for me. One of the reasons I needed a new computer was because my old one was so decrepit I couldn’t install Lightroom on it. And I wanted to install Lightroom. I’ve always used Photoscape before, which is a free download for photo editing, and I thought maybe it was time to up my game a bit. So, what’s going on now is that I’m trying to get used to using a Mac for the first time AND learn Lightroom all at once.

Fascinating story, no? So, anyway, these photos in this post are the very first I’ve edited with Lightroom. The new ones. Not the ones of the old bedding. Those are…old.

And here’s the story of this duvet cover:

Awhile back, I was looking at the listing for a house my Aunt Maureen was flipping, and I really liked the duvet cover on the bed in the master bedroom. I mentioned this to my mom and she said that, in fact, it belonged to her; she had bought it to sell at her shop and Maureen was borrowing it to stage the house. She said I could have it when the house sold, and then the house did sell, and time passed, and I sort of forgot about the duvet cover, but not really. I eventually asked about it again and….now I have it! My mom  brought it over the other night when she came to dinner.

Despite this unorthodox origin story and all the passage of time and whatnot, I was able to track down the duvet cover online and it turns out you can still buy it if you are so inclined. Here it is at DwellStudio.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here yet, but I got a wide angle lens for my birthday a couple of months ago. Which is very exciting for me. I’m the midst of a thorough house cleaning/organizing spree to get ready for our trip and the arrival of our house sitters in a few weeks, so I’m planning to take advantage of the clean house to break out the new lens and update the house tour page with some new photos as I go.

Like this:

And here are a couple of Abe’s room. The other day I was lying down with Abe at bedtime and he said, “isn’t my room the prettiest room in our house?” Yes, baby boy, I think maybe it is.

Even though YOU don’t have a peacock duvet cover.





Peacock Duvet Cover + Fun with the Wide Angle Lens — 10 Comments

    • It’s a 10-24 zoom. One thing about my Fujifilm is that I can’t buy cheap lenses for it to save money because they don’t really make any. It’s good AND bad, depending on how impatient I’m feeling about waiting until I have more money for a new lens ;). I was determined to get the wide angle for sweeping shots of Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon this summer, though! And also my bedroom.

  1. I love it and lucky you that your mom just gave it to you. It would make fabulous wallpaper too

    • it really would! Dwell Studios sells some really cool fabric with peacocks, too, I found–similar patterns but not exactly the same

  2. Who needs peacocks when you have bears?
    I love that yellow, although I too don’t use much yellow. I confess to some disappointment that the peacocks are not, as I thought at first glance, dragons. Dragons would outrank bears!
    Happy new lensing to you!

  3. I’d love to get a wide angle lens — felt that pain very much when taking ORC shots 🙁 boohoo. We rented one for listing our home, and it made such a difference… maybe I should just start renting one every year and take all the blog photos at once 🙂

    • ha! there you go–you’ve got a plan! yeah, it’s a lot of fun; I wouldn’t have been able to justify the cost except that I can also use it on our trip this summer, though–the Grand Canyon practically REQUIRES a wide angle lens, right?!

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