Recapping Christmas, 2014

I know I said stuff about not being back until after the 1st, but it looks like I lied. I just can’t stay away! I’m going to do all the end of the year kind of posts this week, because I have other exciting things to talk about next week. I mean, not THAT exciting. Just new things that have nothing to do with Christmas, for a change.

But today I’m all about Christmas!

The weeks leading up to Christmas were pretty crazy for us, largely because Gus was doing A Christmas Carol, so he was out late every weekend night for two weeks and then had his last performance on Christmas Eve. I think we’ll avoid plays that happen on Christmas Eve next year; it was a little too much for him, and he was bummed to miss out on some family stuff because of it. But overall he had a good time and did a great job.

Anyway, Christmas Eve we spent time with my Dad’s side of the family, first at my grandparents’ house and then my Dad, stepmother, and assorted siblings came over here for awhile in the afternoon/evening. Christmas morning my mom and stepdad, plus my brother and sister-in-law came over. And then normally my friend Tracy has a get together at her house Christmas afternoon, but this year she had the flu (boo!) so that was cancelled and we had an unusual Christmas of just hanging out at home. Which was lovely.

(We had a scare late Christmas Eve when Abe woke up crying and feverish, and we were sure he had the flu, too. But then by morning he was perfectly cool and in great spirits. False alarm! Or maybe he has a superhuman immune system. Either way, it was a relief).


Ari got a hat, gloves, and socks in his stocking, which might seem pretty boring, but I guess Santa knew what he was doing, because Ari put them all on immediately. (note the Doctor Who Daleks decorating Christmas tree shirts. We gave up on matching pajamas a couple of years ago, so lately we do matching t-shirts instead):


Gus got a Velveteen Rabbit, and was very excited about it. I just hope he’s not going to get Scarlet Fever now:


Milo fractured his wrist a few days before Christmas, but he did a great job opening presents with only one fully functional hand:


Abe’s present opening skills have grown by leaps and bounds since last Christmas. He’s pretty much ready to go pro now (HE’S still wearing Christmas pajamas. Those are Hanna Andersson, but I got them at a consignment store for $5. Score!):

xmasmorning05bws xmasmorning06bws xmasmorning07bws


I tried to get fancy pictures in front of the Christmas tree:

xmasmorning09s xmasmorning16s


Moby Dick, or The Card Game:


Gigi gave Abe a recycling truck:


We gave my brother and sister-in-law beer:


I bought Dave this “Name the triangles” shirt. All the reviews on Amazon said things like, “I got this for my math teacher husband, and he loves it!” Dave was very amused when he saw it. Terrible math jokes are his favorite:


The older kids all went in on a Cozy Coupe for Abe. He was very grateful:

xmasmorning20s xmasmorning21s

When Ari opened this, he said, “I see these all the time at the thrift store.” Yes, well, that’s where I got it:


And there is our very laid back Christmas. Hanging out with family. Opening presents and playing with them. Just lovely.

Today we’re going to start packing up Christmas stuff. Sniff, sniff. I usually leave everything up until New Year’s, but this year we’re doing Gus’ belated birthday party here on Saturday, so I don’t want to be trying to pack up and get ready for that at the same time. Tomorrow I’ll be back with the first of a few year end wrap up posts.



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  1. AH!!! Looks like a great time had by all friend! And I am so glad you all dodged the flu!! Phew!! Your boys all look so much bigger this year!!! And can Abe’s PJs be any cuter!!! So fun lady! Happy New Years to you and the crew! Nicole xo

  2. Abe’s pjs are just adorable. I also laughed out loud and narrated to Nick the part about Ari opening his Friends game. Hilarious!! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!!

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