Reintroducing Fergus

Fergus was my very first foster for Cockers & More, nearly two years ago. And of all the dogs I’ve fostered, he’s the one who I’ve always had lingering regrets about letting go. If I could have picked one foster to come back, it would have been Fergus. But I was sure that wouldn’t happen, because he was adopted by a great family, and didn’t expect them to ever give him up.

So I was very surprised to get an e-mail last month telling me that, in fact, they needed to bring him back. Fergus and one of their other dogs were having trouble getting along, and they didn’t feel like it was a safe situation.


I waffled for a little while, but giving him up twice was really too much to ask of me. He’s here to stay (and, knock wood, he’s getting along great with our other dogs so far).

Here he is with Abe back then:


Welcome back, Fergus!



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