A series of small disasters and a poodle

The weekend was sort of a series of small disasters, but it’s all over now (I’m writing this on Sunday night, and I have a glass of wine, so things are looking up). But I’m going to focus on the positive.

Positive things include:

1. Backer board is all mortared and screwed down now, and getting this done did notย quite destroy my marriage.

2. While the dog ate our really expensive slice of cake from the bakery down the street and we had to give him hydrogen peroxide so he’d throw up the chocolate and not die, at least I didn’t eat all of that delicious bad for me chocolate cake myself.

(I was cheating a little. That wasn’t really a positive thing).

3. Dave and I got to go out to eat with my brother and SILย without kids last night. Yay!

4. We have a new foster dog again! We took a break post-Rory-adoption, but we’re back in the game now (although probably we’ll take more frequent breaks now that we have 3 permanent dogs). We got Casey on Friday, and she’s settling in nicely. She’s a nine pound poodle, and she and her Malti-poo brother were turned in to the shelter together; my mom is fostering him. She goes to the groomer on Tuesday; I’ll have better pictures after that, but for now:

(She’s borrowing Rory’s collar there).

You know what? I had a whole blog post planned with more pretty pictures and very important thoughts about house stuff, but I’m too tired to write it tonight. I figure the cute dog makes up for it, though.


A series of small disasters and a poodle — 17 Comments

    • Ha! And I have four dogs here to take pictures of…I can mix them up and maybe it will be weeks before anyone figures out what I’m doing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Ah sometimes we just want to know what’s going on in your life not just about the house, so feel free to give us the drunken details and dog pics! Okay I was exaggerating when I said drunken. Don’t drink and blog, but that glass of wine is probably necessary sometimes! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • She doesn’t seem to! I wrote up her, Petfinder bio and mentioned that he was available, too, in case anyone is looking for 2 dogs…but they both seem to be fine being apart.

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