Snow Day(s)!

I almost posted this on Wednesday, but as I was going through my fun in the snow pictures, there were still many, many people stuck in their cars out in the snow, having spent 5, 8, 10, 12 hours trying to get home. Kids and dogs frolicking in the snow seemed a little frivolous in light of all that.

But things got better throughout the day Wednesday, it looks as if most people finally made it home safely, and the rest of the snow and ice should be gone by the end of the day today. Much has been said about the whole snowtastrophe event and how it was handled. I have some opinions, having spent much of Tuesday morning/early afternoon looking out the window at the snow rapidly covering the roads and wondering why on earth our county wasn’t sending kids (and Dave!) home already. Let’s just say mistakes were made, and leave it at that. It took Dave two and half hours to drive the 6 miles home (normally a 15 minute trip), which was nerve wracking for both of us. But it turns out he was super lucky to get off that easy. We know plenty of people who were stuck in cars for much, much longer and/or who had to walk several miles in the snow or who had to spend the night at work or school, so we’re very grateful both that Dave got home so quickly and that all the people we know who didn’t fare quite so well did eventually make it home safely.

I do love snow, though, and we don’t get a whole lot of it here (last real snow was three years ago, I believe), so we take advantage of it when we do. And I take many pictures.

Here are all my boys once Dave finally made it home from work:


This might be my favorite. Gus was making a snow angel. Rory was….concerned? Excited? Glad to have a way to get his feet out of the snow? Anyway, this is what he did:


This is early in the day before there was much snow. Abe is not sure what to think:


Later, with more snow, he’s still not sure what to think:


I think he prefers snow from behind glass:


Favorite picture competition:


Gable LOVES snow. This is a dog who generally goes out exactly twice a day: after breakfast and then after dinner. The little dogs run in and out to play all day long while Gable….rests. Until it snows. Then he runs all over the place like a puppy:


big kid fun:

snow20143small snow201412small

Boxy Colonial in the snow:


And our backyard and view of the church behind our house:


So we’ve spent the past couple of days playing in the snow, drinking cocoa, watching movies, catching up on laundry….tomorrow Dave has another snow day, and we’re hoping to take advantage of the unexpected day off to work on the tile.


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  1. That is just crazy! There is nothing worse than being stuck on the road in a storm and hopefully your county will handle it differently if it happens again. But boy do your boys look like they are in heaven! So much fun! And your home looks so beautiful dusted in snow…beautiful regardless! And your yard is huge in the back…WOW! Oh and of course there is sweet little Abe man! Nicole xoxo

    • I don’t think any of the school districts will hesitate to call off school at the slightest whisper of snow in the forecast for the rest of this year! We may still be in school in July to make up for it, though!

    • Yes, it seemed totally ridiculous when it was going on…until we found out later that it was actually a very speedy commute, given the circumstances–crazy!

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