Superkea Sunday 2015!

Superkea Sunday

This past Sunday marked our family’s third annual Superkea Sunday–when we go to Ikea while many other people watch a popular sports program on their televisions.

Honestly, this wasn’t my favorite Superkea Sunday ever. I think word has kind of gotten out, and it wasn’t as dead as in years past, for one thing. And two year olds + Ikea are kind of an exhausting combination. And we didn’t have anything terribly exciting that we needed to buy this year. And also all the tiny fake apartments were closed off for remodeling, and that’s pretty much the funnest thing about Ikea, so that was a bit of a let down:


And it would have been really fun if I could have given you all sorts of information about the new kitchen stuff, but, alas, we were about 14 hours too early:


But we got to do our traditional picture of kids on an Ikea sofa shot:


Here’s the one from two years ago:

….and here’s the one from last year:

Last year Abe wasn’t walking yet, and he wanted to crawl all over Ikea, which is when we realized that the floors at Ikea are not all that clean. So this year he walked, which was better. But he didn’t always want to walk the same way we wanted him to walk. Which was difficult.



We finally made it to the kids’ section, which kept him entertained for awhile:

ikea1507s ikea1509s

I think this duvet cover is super cute:


As far as what we bought….not a whole lot. We got something for the basement which I’ll talk about soon, and we bought a few kitchen accessories, and a parking garage thing for Abe. And then we impulse bought a duvet cover for our bedroom. We took the old one off our duvet a long time ago, because I wasn’t loving it in the bedroom. So for awhile we just had the plain white duvet with a bedspread over it:

So I liked the look of this pretty well, but it’s not terribly practical since we sleep with a beagle. We needed something over that we could wash without needing to wash the whole thing.

Dave has a thing for paisley, and I thought the colors of this one would work in here, so….impulse buy!

ikea1512s ikea1513s

It’s not my dream duvet cover, but I do like it, and it makes Dave happy and keeps our duvet less hound-y.

And just like that, another Superkea Sunday has come and gone. I wonder if I can convince Ari to come home from college in a few years to make sure he doesn’t miss out on any Ikea sofa portraits…..


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  1. I so tried to talk Cane into going to Ikea last Sunday! We did that accidentally a few years back on that particular Sunday, and it was so awesome because it was empty. Except for the other men who wouldn’t really meet Cane’s eyes because I think they all felt kinda unmanly something. But, I didn’t have any good reason to go this year, so we watched some football game instead. 😉

    • Ha! Yeah, we ended up buying blinds for the basement, which was the only thing I could really think of that we needed. But Ari has declared it “the best day of the year” (we also go out to dinner. Also I think he’s being a smartass when he says it), so we can’t skip it!

  2. Superkea Sunday is a genius idea because I hate the super bowl and football. Finding Ikea almost empty is my dream. I wish I’d live closer to an Ikea to partake in a Superkea Sunday 😉

  3. When you were at teh cash, did you pass your cash to the attendant, or take a step back and throw it needlessly? 🙂 I love that duvet cover. Really. And usually I’m not all that warm to Ikea, so Yay for you!

  4. It is so crazy to see how much they have changed over the years!!! And I will have to check out that new kitchen line at Ikea as it looks way cool!! I have not been a while but I think it is time for a drop in as I need some patio stuff! Love your new digs in your room!!! Such a stunning space friend! Have a great weekend! Nicole xi

  5. The duvet cover is cool. I like the colors. Love Abe’s face on the rocking moose(?). They have all grown so much in 2 years! And that one picture of Ari by himself- he looks EXACTLY LIKE YOU. Hair, glasses, jeans, t-shirt, cardigan and all! <3

  6. I love your yearly family picture in Ikea! It fills me with joy. I am DYING to see the display kitchens. I have a list of nursery furniture we need to get, so I’m really looking forward to our IKEA trip. Ours is actually really close to our house. 20 mins at most. But it’s still always fun and exciting!

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