Superkea Sunday 2016!

Last Sunday marked our fourth annual Superkea Sunday: the day our family goes shopping while a lot of other people are watching a big sportsball game. Superkea Sunday is a magical time at Ikea, a time when one can take photos like this, with NO PEOPLE in them:


Also, you can take a new picture of your kids sitting on an Ikea couch every year, so that you can watch them grow from this:

To this:


We thought we didn’t need much from Ikea, but somehow we ended up spending over $200 anyway. Mostly on stuff for the travel trailer (which will probably end up as part of a post over on the travel blog eventually), but then we also got a few things for our non-mobile house. More on that in a bit.

So, anyway, the great thing about Superkea Sunday is that all the crowd-related stress that normally comes with taking four kids to Ikea on a weekend is completely gone. Abe was a lovely, cooperative age for a shopping trip this year. Except he didn’t want to leave this toy kitchen:


Lucky for him we encountered no fewer than THREE display models at different places in the store:


I am tempted by that kitchen. I think the size of it would work well tucked in to the space I have in my head in the den, and I’ve seen people do ADORABLE things with them. But I’m still hoping a used one (or used similar one) will turn up. Plus it was out of stock. We did buy him the little set of toy pots and pans, though. He cooked a pretend stick of butter in one of the pots for me just today.

But, yeah, you can stay at pretend kitchen as long as you want on Superkea Sunday! And you can pretend you live in Ikea apartments all night long:


Milo said, “this bed is really short.” I told him that was because there’s like a foot and a half of pillow on it. You have to move those to sleep.


ikea1608s ikea1607s

Our RV purchases included color coded cheap towels:


Even on Superkea Sunday, they make sure to open few enough registers that you still have to wait in a long line:


While Dave was checking out, the kids and I went to buy a snack. We wanted the frozen yogurt, but the frozen yogurt machine wasn’t working. So we had to buy a bunch of candy instead:

ikea1617s ikea1612s

Aww! Chocolate hearts!




Trendy plank wall:


So as for what we came home with….Ari really wanted this bamboo salad bowl, and who are we to keep a boy from having a nice salad bowl?


And then remember that time I pretended I might be able to keep plants alive in my bathroom? Yeah, some of them died. But it’s been MONTHS! And some of them are still alive!

But I picked up some fake plants to replace the dead ones at Ikea. I asked Dave how many plants were dead, because we had neglected to count before we got there, and we both though it was three. But it turns out it was only two! More than half of my plants stayed alive! (knock wood).

Can you spot the fake plants?


Probably you can, but I don’t even care much. Because they’ll never die! No, really, I could toss them in a landfill, and they’d still be there like a million years from now. Or so I’ve heard.

We also picked up some frames that I hope will be making an appearance (with things in them) soon.

So how did YOU celebrate Superkea Sunday?


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    • Definitely! My first Ikea experiences were visiting the one in Newark when we lived in Boston and my in-laws were in NJ. Worth the drive!

    • I’m not sure I’d even notice if the Falcons were in the Superbowl….at least until I got to Ikea and it was even MORE EMPTY than on most Superkea Sundays! 😉

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