Thanksgiving: Part 1: “Give Thanks” banner

The relatives start arriving tomorrow evening, so a lot of what’s going on around here is frantic cleaning (clean refrigerator! vacuumed under the couch cushions!)….but there have been interludes for slightly more fun stuff, too (more fun than vacuuming under the couch cushions?! Yes, even more fun than that).

I finally got around to taking down the Halloween-y anatomy flash cards (not that anatomy isn’t cool year round) so that I could, just in the nick of time, make a new Thanksgiving set of cards. I’m kind of getting away from the flash card idea and replacing it with more “seasonally themed images on cardstock.” I had a thought at one point of doing flashcards of different breeds of turkey, but, well….then I didn’t. Maybe I’ll do chicken breeds for spring.

Then I thought maybe I’d do a variety of different vintage Thanksgiving images from The Graphics Fairy. But then I decided I wanted some kind of holiday greeting thing in there somewhere, so here, ultimately, is what I wound up with:

There is no angle in this room from which I can get a picture of the whole thing at once. Makes me a little crazy. Anyway.

I started with these free printable “give thanks” letters from At Second Street, and then I added in a few of the vintage images I’d saved from Graphics Fairy: there’s a vintage turkey on each end and some oak leaves and acorns in between the two words. I picked up some brown cardstock at Hobby Lobby (I keep talking about Hobby Lobby. I had actually never been there before yesterday. And now I think it’s safest for my dwindling supply of money if I stay away. Because OMG: they have everything there! And both the cardstock and the little knob I bought were half off! Of course, the sign by the knobs said, “50% off every day!” ….which I think it’s not really a sale anymore if it happens every day. But whatever; it was cheap!).

Oh, I got distracted. Where was I? Yes–brown cardstock. Uhh…then I printed it all out. On the brown cardstock. And look how neatly I cut around the letters! I was kinda proud. I’m like a very advanced kindergartner with my mad cutting skills.

Note: Sad Pilgrims are hanging on the wall now! No more leaning for them. I expect smiles from them any day now. Cheer up–you survived until the harvest! I’m feeling a little loopy tonight. You know where I got the wire to fix the hanger on the back? That’s right–Hobby Lobby.

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Thanksgiving: Part 1: “Give Thanks” banner — 12 Comments

  1. I’m quite impressed by your mad cutting skills. I would have been three letters in before I just started lopping them with the paper cutter. 😉

    Thanks for linking up. Your project turned out super cute! Love the shapes!

  2. Wow, that looks great! I love the shape of the cards, too–that must have taken a while, but they look fantastic! And I’m in love with your molding . . . oh my gosh. That is just beautiful. Thanks so much for joining in!

    • Thanks! It’s easy to motivate one’s self to spend a long time cutting out pretty shapes when the alternative is cleaning bathrooms in preparation for in-law visits :). Thanks to you guys for hosting!

  3. The letters look amazing! Jealous, I want to make some too. I don’t know how I missed them when I was at your house the other day. You are getting super crafty. <3

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