Thanksgiving: Part 2: Thanksgiving Tablescape

AKA The Prettiest Table In the World In My House

I DID buy the Patch dessert plates from Target. Then I waited and waited and waited for like FOUR DAYS for them to get here. And then they did! And it was a magical day.

There was a time, back like…a week and a half ago, when I planned to just rearrange some stuff from my fall/Halloween centerpieces to make a….late fall table for Thanksgiving. And then I even did it:

Wah–it’s not NEW enough. And it doesn’t go with Patch dessert plates. That was the main thing.

So I ordered my Patch plates and made a few shopping expeditions to various places, and this is what I have now (well, not RIGHT now. I put everything away after I took pictures. I’m a little paranoid about a cat coming along and destroying the most beautiful table I’ve ever seen personally designed):

In addition to the Patch plates, we have plain white plates from TJ Maxx (I think it was $9.99 for each set of 4; I bought 3 sets), gold chargers from Hobby Lobby ($1.99 each), a white with gold tablecloth from TJ Maxx ($19.99), and black napkins from Target ($9ish for 12).

Glass hurricanes and all the candles are from TJ Maxx. Pine cones from our yard. Brass tray and Christmas ornaments from the thrift store (except the little gold balls, from Target). Owl salt and pepper shakers and the black candlesticks are the only things that wound up getting recycled from the Halloween display. Oh, and black river rocks from Target in that one glass container.

I also have a black and gold runner coming from Amazon….although I might have gone without it had I finished the rest of the table before I ordered it. I still want to get some white serving dishes from the thrift store before Thanksgiving, but I’m not having much luck with that so far.


I only had eight chairs for the dining room table, and I had ten place settings (nine people for Thanksgiving, but who wants an odd number of place settings? Unacceptable!) We were going to go with the ol’ pull a kitchen chair in trick, but after I made my pretty table, I wasn’t thrilled with this. But then! At the thrift store just last night! As if by magic! There were TWO windsor chairs hanging out, waiting for me! They do not match, but, then, neither do the chairs I already have (4 of one kind, 4 of another). And they need to be painted black, and it’s going to be a tight fit finding time for that between now and Thursday. But one of them was $3.03 and the other was $4.04, so I couldn’t very well pass them up. Meant to be.

I also did some tinkering with the buffet. The lamps just weren’t working for me anymore. Not because I agree with the masses about the color being all wrong ;), but just because things looked…funny with my globes and the lamps trying to co-exist. And I don’t really NEED lamps there, since the chandelier gives plenty of light. So away they went. And we finally got the picture hung up. And I found some globe bookends on the very same chair revealing thrifting expedition. And now we have this:



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Thanksgiving: Part 2: Thanksgiving Tablescape — 26 Comments

  1. Maybe if you hold out, the plates will go on clearance like the other Patch stuff! I’ve never had chargers before….maybe it’s something that just…happens to you as you approach 40 ;). Dave was very skeptical; he was all, “but they’re not FOR anything.” Whatever–shiny!

  2. It looks beautiful! I hope it’s all greatly appreciated by your family today at dinner. So glad you ended up getting the globe bookends and the chairs!! They are all wonderful in there.

  3. Catching up on weeks of your blog here today… Happy Thanksgiving! It looks beautiful! I hope all of your hard work is greatly appreciated by the fam today at dinner. LOVING the globe bookends, so glad you ended up getting them. And the chairs were serendipity. Did you have time to get them painted?

  4. This looks so pretty! I love the gold and black reindeer plates so much. And that centerpiece looks fabulous. Oh, and I”m kind of obsessed with your dining room. It’s lovely.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY.

  5. I love Patch NY from Target but I couldn’t see how it will work with my decor, you pulled it off really well with this one! Great job! Love it!

    Linking back from Newly Woodwards

  6. The table is beautiful! I love the Patch plates. There was 1 set on clearance at my Target, but I didn’t get it. I know I should have, but I couldn’t figure out what I’d do with just 4 plates. Of course this is coming for the person who never sets the table to begin with…

    • yeah, I can pretty much count on one hand the number of times I set the table in a given year. Maybe my plates will motivate me to do it more often, though! It could happen….

  7. Lovely table! Those new plates are SO fun. I’ve always thought it would be so cool to have plates for each season/holiday. Someday 🙂 I love how you set your table up, especially the vases of pinecones and ornaments in the center. Beautiful!

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