The World is Too Full of Rugs

I feel like I’m referencing a poem with that title, but, if I am, I don’t know which one it is.

(a ha! I googled. I knew it sounded familiar! Wordsworth:

THE world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!

Yeah, buying a rug is not really much like that. Well, maybe. I feel like I have laid waste my powers with online rug shopping. A little. I still have some powers. And I haven’t given my heart away to any particular rug yet. That’s what this post is for!)

Where was I?

Ah yes.

Last time I bought a rug, I bought it out of weariness and desperation. It worked out okay; I still like my weariness and desperation rug:

But, as I mentioned the other day, I’ve been thinking my foyer is looking a little rugless….and this time I thought it might be better to approach rug buying with a bit more intentionality than last time.

To that end, I have taken the extraordinary steps of thinking about what kind of rug I might want and spending some time narrowing down my options. It’s been sort of a revolutionary day for me.

And, it turns out, this is a fun thing to do! Particularly when you’re not in a rush to buy a rug before your baby learns to crawl. So excited am I by my potential foyer rugs that I’ve decided to share them right here on my blog and solicit opinions.

This is the what the foyer looks like with a naked floor:

I measured that space between the door and the wall and then over to where the stairs start, and it’s around 6 by 7 feet. So I’ve been looking at 4×6 and 3×5 rugs, mostly.

I didn’t really have much sense of what kind of rug I wanted going in to my search. Something fairly flat since the door will have to open over it. But I was pretty open as far as style, color, etc. I just kind of went through different sites and bookmarked things that appealed to me that I thought might work well in the space.

I bookmarked one million rugs, then showed them all to Dave when he got home, and we narrowed it down a bit. I present, in no particular order, the frontrunners!

I was a little surprised to find myself gravitating toward black and white rugs. This is a wool flatweave rug, 3’6″ by 5’6″. After the 50% discount code, it would be $103.50.Β 
This one’s a bit of an outlier because it’s green! Also might be too similar to the rug in the sunroom, pattern wise. It’s another wool flatweave (I think they’re all flatweave). $65.99, 3×5.
I kind of thought I’d wind up going purple when I first started looking. Another 3×5 wool flatweave. I just realized this one is $149, though, which makes it considerably pricier than any other option. But World Market has a lot of sales.
This is one that I like, but no one else in my house does. Because they’re all BOYS! Anyway. Only $44. This one’s cotton.
Also cotton. It’s clearance priced right now at $78.99.
I won’t reveal my favorite. Or my current favorite, anyway. I go back and forth. Which would you pick?
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The World is Too Full of Rugs — 25 Comments

  1. I liked the third one really a lot – until I saw the fourth one! LOVE that one!
    It’s the little girl in me speaking here… πŸ˜‰
    But, hey, it’s also the cheapest one, isn’t that a good argument?

    (I’m gonna check if UO sells that one here in Europe as well!)

    Love, Midsommarflicka

    • you know, it’s good that I wrote this post, because until I read the comments this issue hadn’t even really occurred to me. I was all, “pretty rugs!” and didn’t even think about how many people/dogs/cats would be walking all over it every time they went in and out of the house!

  2. I am in looooove with the Hand woven Moroccan Dhurrie. I love how large scale the pattern is and the green color will pick up in the globe perfectly. That’s my favorite. Now I can’t wait to hear what your favorite is πŸ™‚

  3. Our entryway rugs have remarkably short lives due to mud tracking during summer outdoor renovations and snow/salt tracking during winter.

    Due to that, we often go to the remnants section of the local carpet store, but a hunk of carpet to fit the space, get some DIY. Hot-glue binding and backing and get our rug du jour on the cheap. We expect to be changing it out in 9-12 months and don’t worry about whatever the kids track in. (Confession – our current rug has no binding/backing)

    You are lucky to live in the south where an entry rug can be a long term investment!

    Also, I like #4, but don’t know if it works with your colours.

    • I’m thinking now that one of the cotton ones might be more practical so that I can throw it in the wash. We don’t have snow very often here, but we manage to get things pretty messy anyway πŸ™‚

    • I just got a 10% world market coupon in my inbox today….I think I’d have to hold out for a better discount, though. That one’s growing on me more the more I look at it, I think.

  4. I love the purple one, and I like that it would go with the curtains in the library, and the light in the hall. My second favorite is the green, and I don’t think it’s too similar to the one in the sunroom. It’s far away, anyway. I really intensely dislike the flower one. It reminds me of your old lady cabinet, only even more great-grandmotherly. Please no.

    • lol–I can always count on you for strong opinions ;). Great grandmothers don’t shop at Urban Outfitters! Anyway, too bad I didn’t see this last night before I ordered, because then maybe I wouldn’t have….just kidding. I cannot reveal which rug I got yet. It’s a SURPRISE!

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