Three Things Thursday

1. You can find the Boxy Colonial over at Primitive and Proper today as part of Cassie’s series of eclectic home tours. I know that I keep doing these guest posts and then telling you that they’re one of my favorite blogs….but this time I mean it! Kidding! I mean it every time I say it, but, for real, LOVE Cassie’s blog and love this home tour series, so please go check it out.

2. After you do that, you could go read about the tiny house my cousin, Erin, and her husband, Rob, are building in Florida! Exciting, no?

3. And then, once you’ve read all the blogs, you can just look at cute pictures of our new foster dog, Gertie:

gertie3 gertie2 gertie1


Ridiculously cute AND super sweet. “We’re not keeping that dog,” Dave says. I KNOW. But LOOK at her!


Three Things Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. Beauriful dog. I just went over to that blog and they now have a new follower on bloglovin 🙂 I think I am their second follower after you. I can’t wait to see it come together. I am pretty much excited about all of it, but I am trying to imagine living with a bucket style composting toilet… Other that that, I am so on board 🙂 I am just so attached to flushing….

    • Ha! I’m pretty fond of flushing myself….Abe is, too, these days–I keep catching him in the bathroom stuffing toilet paper in the bowl and then trying to flush it…

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