Watery Gallery Wall

We’ve been focused on finishing up the basement for so long around here that the rest of the house has been terribly neglected. I got all the Christmas decorations down right after Christmas and felt very accomplished about that….until a month and a half went by and I still hadn’t put anything in their place.

I also keep adding to my giant stockpile of stuff to hang on walls, most of which, to my credit, I actually have a spot in mind for….but that doesn’t do much good if I never get around to hanging things up in their special spots.

We were out of town last weekend (more on that….tomorrow, I think), but our trip was cut short by the threat of snow. And then Dave got the day off on Tuesday because of icy roads (or at least the fear of icy roads. I don’t know that the roads actually iced at all). So we used our two unexpected days off to deal with a few of our neglected upstairs areas.

Like this wall in the sunroom, which formerly looked like this:


That was actually awhile back. Lately it’s had the painting my friend Kristi gave me for Christmas up there and Abe’s birthday decorations (still).

Throw a Very Busy Spider toddler party

So we took those down and hung up this collection of vaguely-related-because-they-all-have-water-in-them paintings and prints that I’ve been collecting for awhile now:



From the top left, we have the aforementioned painting I got for Christmas, a vintage print of a sailboat that you can’t see very well because of the glare, a teeny-tiny oil painting that was ALSO a gift from Kristi, (middle row) an oil painting in a really cool frame that I got at the thrift store, an acrylic painting that I got at my mom’s shop, (bottom row) a little boat that my grandmother painted, and an old print that my mom gave me awhile back (also from her shop). The cat is Athena.

Then I cleared off the massive piles of books of toys that had accumulated on top of the cabinet and replaced them with that little green boat and my beloved dachshunds munching on books bookends:


Getting things you’ve been putting off for forever done is nice!

Either I’ll be back soon with a recap of our weekend trip or I won’t post again for a month because I’ve somehow volunteered to foster a 4 month old border collie mix puppy starting today, and I suspect things are about to get crazy(er) around here.


Watery Gallery Wall — 16 Comments

  1. oh i love it! love the collection! you know how i feel about water walls! not to be confused with waterfalls although i do like them, too. just not in my house.

  2. Love the new art and how you displayed them all. And of course I have to mention how excited I am about a 4 month old puppy 😉 watch out

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      • Thank you. I did not recognize that icon as a sign-up option. I did select the box under my original comment and I am signed up now.

  3. I love, love, love that arrangement. I need to steal all your artwork! You have a seriously great eye for finding awesome art in addition to all your friends’ great eyes!!

    • Thanks! I’m always impressed with how good Kristi is at spotting what I’ll like (she’s the one who found the light fixture in my bathroom/your kitchen, too!)

  4. I very much enjoy your taste in art. That arrangement flows seamlessly. I LOVE it! We still have yet to hang even ONE thing on the walls of our new house yet. It’s driving me mad. I want art so bad. But I feel like all our old art doesn’t reflect my style. I’ve been trying to find some good stuff to fill the walls with.

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