We Hung Up a Picture, and I’m Writing a Whole Post About It

….but I’m going to make it SUPER fascinating. Well. Anyway, I have some stuff to say about it.

Before we get into all that, I should mention that next week is Dave’s spring break which means…..BIG PROJECTS! I hope. I have two big projects planned, at any rate. And maybe some small and medium sized ones, too. Also, we should do something fun with the kids. But when I asked them what they wanted to do, they just came up with stuff we do all the time anyway, like go to Menchies and plant stuff in the garden. (“Practice piano,” said Gus, who’s kind of a goody goody). We might just sneak in something even more exciting than a trip to Menchies, though, if things go according to plan.

I thought that right about now was a good time to update our master bedroom progress, since finishing it is on our big list of goals for the year. It’s a relatively small project, since we’re mostly just adding art/accessories and keeping all the same furniture, but it’s been slow going in there so far. We did add the bird pictures above the bed, but that was about it until yesterday.

So! Today! Lots of words about one picture and a to-do list.

I bought this print at the thrift store awhile back (actually on that same Friday night trip when I seem to have bought the whole damn store, because I feel like every post lately mentions something I bought then).

It was $6.99 minus 20% (I had a coupon). The frame is nothing special–white plastic–but I thought it would go well in the room. And I liked the print, though the mat was a little….pink for my tastes. So I brought it home, leaned it against the wall, and resolved to get a new mat for it.

In the meantime, I did a bit of research, thanks to the very legible signature. I’m pretty sure that the artist is Eddie Minnis. He has a website. So my print (I had thought it might be an original until I took it out to put the new mat in and noticed the “printed in the USA” mark on it) is dated 1975, but he’s still around and still painting now. He sounds like an interesting guy; he lives in the Bahamas, and paints, makes calypso music, and sells real estate. Busy! Anyway, so it’s fun to know a little something about my thrift store print.

I wanted a gray mat, but Hobby Lobby didn’t have one in the right size, so I got a white one (a little over $2 once I used a 40% off coupon). Now I’m glad they didn’t have gray, because I’m very pleased with the white. Here it is:

And here’s a little more context:

Oh! Also we hung up curtains. Please ignore how long they are. We will hem them soon. Also please ignore the curtain rod; we’ll change it out for one that matches soon, too.

The to-do list:
*Hang some stuff on the other side of the window
*more pillows for bed
*lamps on bedside tables
*baskets for bedside tables
*pretty stuff on dresser
*exciting wall hanging idea

So close! We should be all finished right around the time Abe’s ready to move out and we have to figure out what to do with the other side of the room all over again.

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We Hung Up a Picture, and I’m Writing a Whole Post About It — 13 Comments

    • I was just thinking that right before I read this that it would also go in Abe’s room….but I need some stuff on my walls, too! You mean the headboard? I think we’re leaving it as is for now. We might get around to painting it eventually, but I’ve de-prioritized it for the moment.

  1. Love the print! What a great find. It’s so fun to be able to find out about the artist too. I love it in the white mat against your dark walls. I like grey, but I’m glad you got ‘stuck’ with a white mat too – it definitely lets the colors shine!

  2. WOW that looks so good with the white mat and frame. Such an improvement. I thought for sure your post was going to have a sentence starting with: You take a hammer… But no… Now I need a couple of more details on how you hung that frame up 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • ha! If I hadn’t been able to find out something about the artist, I would have had to think of a really interesting way to hang it to justify a post 😉

    • We’ve had that light fixture up for awhile now, and I keep wanting to talk about it, because I love it, but even I haven’t been able to justify a whole post about it. Although, come to think of it, this would have been a good one to stick it in. Oh well!

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