Who needs money when you have plywood and a jigsaw?

You probably know, because I love it so much and won’t shut up about it, that we made a big whale out of plywood for Abe’s nursery:

Last week a couple of fabulous plywood wall hanging projects popped up….which is making me wonder: why isn’t EVERYONE making big wall hangings out of plywood? 
Seriously, it’s cheap, it’s easy, it makes a big impact. How else are you going to get something HUGE for your wall for $10? Yet when I went to search, I really couldn’t find that many projects out there. But I’m calling it now: once word gets out, DIY plywood wall hangings will be all the rage. Plywood will be the next chevron. 
It’s not for everyone (or at least not for every room); I’m not sure I’ve seen any plywood projects that I really love that I wouldn’t describe as “whimsical” ….so you need to be going for a certain look for it to work. But I, for one, can always use more whimsy. 
Emma at BrokeAssHome, just a couple of months after making a cool plywood clock, is back at the jigsaw with another project:
It’s a fabulous, ombre painted, beanstalk-y thing! 
Click on the link for the details on painting the ombre.
And then I saw this big ol’ shamrock at HoneyBear Lane:
This got me pretty excited because it opened up a world of seasonal decorating possibilities. A rabbit for Easter! A Turkey for Thanksgiving! A heart embellished with something or other for Valentine’s Day! A, umm, Christmas tree for Christmas? I’m not as thrilled about that one; there’s probably something better.
Because, the thing is, it would look a little silly to have TOO many big plywood wall hangings around; this way you can make tons of them and just switch them out seasonally. 
So, armed with this inspiration, I think we should all go forth and make things out of plywood! 


Who needs money when you have plywood and a jigsaw? — 13 Comments

  1. Actually, I like the Christmas Tree idea best. It would be awesome to have a cut out that your kids could decorate and undecorate and decorate again! I still love, love, love your whale!

  2. Does my string art on a plywood base count? I know it’s not as cute as your giant whale and all… Also, I absolutely ADORE your giant whale. Everything about her is perfect. Now I’m thinking what shapes I can force my husband to cut out with the jigsaw…


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