And the winner is……(Abe’s new dresser + a bison)

A couple of weeks ago, I asked everyone to vote on a new dresser for Abe’s room, and the votes were pretty evenly split between this campaign chest:


And this mid century dresser:


(I also had put his current dresser, repainted somehow or other in the running, but no one voted for it).

And we decided to go with…..


But we did go with one very similar to the mid century one. In fact, it’s the long and low companion piece to the one pictured that I picked up at the same time:

mid century dresser

A couple of people mentioned some practical issues with the other two front runners; namely, the campaign chest isn’t really big enough, and the tall dresser is, well….too tall. For Abe to reach all the drawers.

I was using this piece as a TV stand in our den, but that was probably a temporary solution anyway. The main reason I hadn’t considered it for Abe’s room before was because I was hoping to fit both the dresser AND a play tent for Abe on this wall, and I thought this one was so long it would make that impossible.

And…it is. But now that it’s in here, it’s pretty clear that ANY dresser + the tent would have been a tight squeeze.

So….mid century style and a practical, toddler friendly size and shape. And I have another plan in mind for the campaign chest; not to worry, campaign chest fans!

When I posted all my potential dresser choices, I said I’d be painting the mid century one if I used it. But I’m leaning toward keeping it as is. There’s not really any other natural wood in the room, and it seems like there should be, what with the whole national parks theme and all. Not that this is natural wood; it’s laminate. If it were real wood, it’d be a no brainer. But I also can’t really think of the perfect color to paint it. I’ve considered navy and black, but nothing seems quite right. The laminate isn’t perfect, but it’s in decent shape.

What do you all think?

Can I just say that I’m kind of loving have this no pressure room to work on whenever I get a chance? No deadline; it’s perfectly functional right now, and Abe doesn’t really care when it’s “finished.” But it’s fun! So I ignore more important house projects in favor of this one. I have another project coming up later this week to show you, too. I hope.

If you saw my post about the dining room a couple of weeks ago, you already caught a glimpse of this, but the other big change in Abe’s room this weekend is this big ol’ bison print:


I LOVE him. He’s from World Market. It’s $99.99 right now, but I got it when it was on sale for $79.99, and then I had a 10 or 15% off coupon (World Market’s one of those places that hands out coupon codes like candy, so it’s worth it to get on their e-mail list), and I picked it up at the store to save the shipping costs. I think I paid around $70 after all was said and done, but it’s HUGE, and it makes a big impression in the room, so I’m happy with the price. I considered hanging it over his bed. But it turns out he likes to kick the wall above his bed a lot. So no.

And then I put down the thrift store rug I picked up awhile back, and now we have a finished(ish) wall! I still need to put stuff on the dresser (and IN the dresser; all his clothes are still down the hall in our room. Which is inconvenient. I’m pacing myself).

bison01s bison05s

I also can’t decide if I should paint the doors black. I should, right? But I’m so tired of painting! Just the doors, not the trim? Would that be okay? A compromise?



And the winner is……(Abe’s new dresser + a bison) — 24 Comments

  1. Why not just leave the door white? It looks fine & it’s a litle boy’s room. It should stay bright & cheery . And the dresser can grow with, so I would leave that natural as well for when painted furniture goes off trend.

    • Other advantage of leaving the door white: it’s easier ;). And I think you’re right–there really need to be some wood tones in the room.

  2. 1. I really like this dresser! And I think the wood look is great + laminate = pretty indestructible, so perfect for a boy’s room!
    2. I vote black door, white trim. Something about that green wall and a black door sounds just perfect!
    3. That bison is AWESOME!!!

    • Thanks, Brynne! I’m really loving black and white with the green, so the door may end up getting painted despite my laziness 🙂

  3. Yes. You should paint the door. And then come to my house and help me PAINT ALL THE DOORS> (What? That wasn’t part of the door.)

    Love the bison. When we were in Tennessee last month we went to this crazy safari park where you feed animals out of your window. I’ll warn you. Do not feed the bison. Their heads are very large and may come INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE AND LEAVE LOTS OF LINGERING SALIVA when you freak out and try to roll up the window quickly.

    You know. If you ever needed that information.

  4. I love the bison, and the dresser, and the green walls…all of it! And I say go forth and paint the doors black, I hear you on being sick of painting but I think it will look awesome.

    • Thanks! I have enough other projects to do in this room (and, you know, in my whole house!) that I can probably put off painting the doors until I work up some painting energy again 🙂

    • Thanks, Corinna! It looks weird when I picture it in my head, too, but I’ve seen it done, and it looks good. Also, there’s no way I’m painting all the trim in the room! I’m FAR too lazy 😉

  5. Love the dresser. Leave it the wood tone and waste your time painting the door black! Ha I mean use your time painting the door. It’s never wasting when you’re making content right?

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