2013 in Review: Five Favorite Projects

2013 was a busy year for us in a lot of ways. Like we had that baby. And we made a fair bit of progress on this house. Without the first thing we could have done even better on the second thing, but we love him anyway.

Since the blog changed URLs part way through the year, it would be complicated to try to figure out which posts were the most popular, so I won’t even debate doing this list that way. These projects might or might not have been big hits, page view wise, but they’re all ones that we’re particularly pleased with.

1. Abe’s Nursery

Most of the nursery projects were actually completed in 2012, but we finished and did the reveal in January (3 days before Abe was born!), so it gets to go here. We’ve made a few tweaks since then, but I’m still really happy with the nursery. We’re gearing up to move Abe into his own room down the hall, but it will be pretty much the nursery recreated, with a few updates to make it more toddler-friendly.

2. Ari’s Room


Ari’s room is the other one that got a complete makeover this year. I love the way it turned out, so it’s kind of sad that I hardly ever get to see it since Ari’s generally holed up in there with the door closed, being a twelve year old. And I’m using this as a two for one since my favorite project within a project is the string art London skyline we made for this room:

3. Foyer Coat Rack and Bench

This one is pretty simple, but it’s super functional and such a big improvement over the too small, overflowing hall tree that was there before. It was also the first furniture Dave built, so it’s kind of special that way. I’m STILL on the hunt for baskets to replace those dollar store dish pans we have there for shoes.

4. Farmhouse Table

And Dave’s second big furniture build. This reminds me that I need to paint those chairs. Well, not those chairs. The chairs that are around the table now. It’s too bad that all of these projects just remind me of more things we need to do! Anyway, the table’s working really well in the kitchen, and, if we ever get the chairs painted, it will be even more awesome.

5. Dinosaur Advent Calendar



This isn’t on quite the same scale as the other choices, but it was really fun both to put together and to use (I’m planning a recap of advent activity hits and misses soon). I’ll either reuse these guys as an advent calendar again next year or I’ll repurpose them as ornaments. Either way, I’ll be excited to see them again next December.

Next up in my 2013 reflection series: how we did with our list of goals


2013 in Review: Five Favorite Projects — 7 Comments

  1. love looking back on your amazing home and projects! i am so glad we have connected and gotten to know each other and i look forward to more awesome projects, family fun, and plain silliness in 2014!

  2. I love all these recap posts. You had some awesome projects this year. I love the farmhouse table and this is the first time I’ve seen the bench and hooks – such a great, functional space. And tell me the truth – do the hooks ever look that bare? I’ve never taken pictures of the hooks Ryan made for me out of barn wood because they always look terrible. 😉

    I would also have to put my vote in for the planter boxes this year. Loved those.

    • oh, no–of course they never look like that these days :). We did enough hooks that there’s always an empty spot SOMEWHERE, though, and it’s usually pretty quick to get them looking respectably neat before people come over.

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