A Busy Weekend and an Announcement

I’ve never done my very own link party before! Well, this isn’t my very own at all–as you can see, there are lots of other bloggers co-hosting it, which makes it less intimidating for me and more FUN for you (I feel like I say things are fun way too often lately. I feel like Lydia in Pride and Prejudice. But I can’t help it if so many FUN things keep happening. Fun, fun, fun).

Throughout next week we’ll be posting our pumpkin projects and then, on Friday, we want to see everyone’s pumpkins. All manner of pumpkin-related projects are fair game: recipes, crafts, what have you. Link ’em up, and they’ll show up on all TWELVE blogs. And then the next week we’ll share some of our favorites.

I also have for you today some excuses about why I don’t have a project to post about.

At some point this past weekend I asked Dave, “so, what house project are we going to do this weekend?”

And he said, “are you crazy? We’re not getting a house project done this weekend.”

And we didn’t.

Over the weekend, among other things:
*I took the newest foster, Ginger, to adoption for much of the day Saturday
*Dave did 3 hour and a half tutoring sessions
*Gus had his dress rehearsal for Willy Wonka, his musical theater class, and an audition for Annie (they just posted the cast list: he’s going to be the dog catcher :))
*We had people over for fires in the fire pit both Friday and Saturday nights

Looking over that list, it doesn’t seem like Milo, Ari, or Abe were all that busy, comparatively. We probably should have set THEM to work on a project. Missed opportunity.

In between Gus’ dress rehearsal and Dave’s final tutoring session Sunday evening, we hung out in the yard and enjoyed the beautiful beginning of fall weather. And the kids were exceedingly goofy.

Well. Abe was mostly just cute.

But big kids? Very goofy. You can see Ginger the foster dog here, too.

And here she is again:

Ginger almost got adopted Saturday. Some people came specifically to see her, and they liked her a lot, but they wound up leaving with another dog whom they just fell in love with at first sight. We don’t mind having her around a little longer, though. She’s got some….quirks, but we’re in love with her anyway.


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    • It’s a really small rescue (it’s my mom’s group; I picked it so I could pick out my own dogs :)), so no transport…..they do occasional out of state adoptions, but the people have to come here to get the dogs.

    • Thanks, Katja :). You know, though, I only seem to be able to get good ones of dogs who are living at my house. I don’t know how people do it in a studio or whatever. I have to be able to wait patiently until they’re finally lying down in just the right sunny chair!

  1. Ooooh, besides Abe being so adorable and giving that look again. I love Ginger. She is so freakin cute. And I adore you for being a foster mom. I don’t think I could do it because I wouldn’t want to give them up anymore. I just couldn’t hand them over to anybody. I’m so glad that people like you exist 🙂

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