A Successful Thrifting Expedition

On Tuesdays Milo and Gus do a lego robotics thing at a friend’s house, so Abe and Ari and I have a couple of hours to kill. Today we killed them by finding awesome things at the thrift store. We picked up my friend (and college roommate) Suzanne, and headed to a new Goodwill. And I found so many incredible things that I had to take pictures of them all and blog about it.

Suzanne spotted these mugs (I turned them funny so that it’s hard to tell, but they have handles) and thought I might like them. And I did! So I bought them. I did check on ebay to make sure they’re not worth a million dollars or anything, because I don’t love them so much that I won’t part with them for the right price. But they’re not. So they’re mine! We got our crazy dog Lucy at Niagara Falls (she was being fostered somewhere in Canada, and we were in Boston, so we met halfway), so it has sentimental value to us as a place where our lives suddenly become complicated and full of expensive dog trainers. Probably these should not go in the dishwasher. Dave hates it when we get dishes that shouldn’t go in the dishwasher. But he’ll have to forgive me, because I bought him these!

That’s right: those are Transformer pajama pants. I don’t think I need to say anything else. Suzanne found these, too. Thanks, Suzanne!

I’m going to paint this owl so that it’s not so….luminous.

This is not so exciting. It’s just a onsie. But it’s a onsie with elephants and alligators AND monkeys on it.

And THIS is a tiny chair. What am I going to do with this tiny chair? I have no idea. There were two. Suzanne bought one, and she was like, “I’m going to give this to [her friend’s child] to put her Barbies in.” And I was like, “I’m going to buy this other one because….TINY CHAIR!”  Maybe I need a Barbie.

Ari spotted this (I didn’t find anything myself, apparently; I just picked the right shopping companions). It is the best diaper bag EVER. I love it. I have another thrift store diaper bag, but it doesn’t have a shoulder strap, so I hate it and I leave it in the car whenever I can get away with it. But this one is exactly what I want. Yay!

And then look! A footstool! A corduroy footstool. The legs fold up for some reason. I don’t know where I’m going to put this either (I wonder if it would look good in the nursery? Or if it should stay in the sunroom? Or if I should decorate my entire den around it?), but I know that I needed it.

And then there was this, the find that got away:

Not for me, actually, although I would have liked it to use for a TV stand. My brother has been looking for one of these to somehow….umm, with computers…turn into a modern stereo type thing. I don’t understand. Anyway, I texted a picture to him, and he was like, “yep–that’s what I want!” and I was going to pay for it so they’d hold it for him, but then some other lady came along and bought it before I could. Blast it all!

Also, Abe rode in a shopping cart for the first time:

He really enjoyed it….for about 30 seconds.


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  1. Great post! I follow a lot of DIY blogs, and a lot of thrifting blogs, and it was a GREAT surprise to find a thrifting post here! It makes me happy when my favorites cross paths. And you got some incredible scores!!

    • I keep meaning to take it up there and try it! I can see Abe using it to practice standing and cruising pretty soon, too….it’s a great height for it.

  2. Awesome finds. I want to stroke the corduroy on that foot stool and then play with the folding legs.

    Also, you know you have a real friend when she finds you transformer pj pants. Definitely a keeper 😉

    You should have licked that turn table cabinet so the other woman knew it was yours… Ah well – next time 😀

    Love all your finds!

    • ha! By the time I went back over there she was coming back with a store employee; I think I would have had to fight both of them for it if I really wanted it 😉

  3. Wow,great stuff! I totally would have bought those Niagara Falls cups, too, and the foot stool is amazing. I *think* it might be from the original Todd Oldham collection for Target from about 10-12 years ago (does that make it vintage? ha!). I remember there were lots of vintage-inspired things in that collection with legs that folded up. In any case, I love it! Great find!

    • ooh, interesting! I had just assumed it was older, but being relatively new would explain why it doesn’t smell all musty and old like I was expecting when I picked it up!

  4. i’m laughing big time this morning—love your sense of humor, thriftiness, clever creativity and ability to spell and construct sentences correctly (alas, just my little obsession). keep it up : D

    • Thanks so much, Monica! (I hadn’t looked at this post in awhile….I’m a little dismayed to see how much newer that footstool looked back then than it does after a few months in our house!)

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