Abe at Four Months

(I know posts have been in short supply this week. Week before finals, so things have been crazy for Dave, which means I’ve been holding a baby even more than usual….things should calm down soon. I have biggish weekend plans!)
So I woke up this morning, and I suddenly had a four month old! He’s worked hard this past month on growing fat rolls on his legs, rolling over onto his stomach, and sitting up with support. He continues to be a champion sleeper at night (7:30 to 6ish, and then often back to sleep for a couple more hours) and a not so champion daytime napper. He likes to spend the day awake and constantly entertained. Fortunately, he finds his brothers endlessly amusing, so I can sneak away for showers and that sort of thing. He has a high pitched squeal of delight and a low pitched baby chuckle. He has his four month check up next week, and I’m excited to see how big he is (Milo at four months weighed 20 pounds. I’m pretty sure he’s not going to match that, but he is deliciously chubby). He gets a lot of “he’s so alert!” “he’s so intense!” type comments, which I have learned, over the course of four babies, pretty much means, “your baby is awake and not crying!” He’s pretty much always happy as long as there is stuff going on for him to look at, but he’s quick to let us know if he’s bored or if we’re not paying enough attention to him. He will not be ignored, this baby of mine. 
Issues with today’s photo shoot:
*I couldn’t find his white t-shirt! The one he’s worn every month for pictures. I actually have two identical ones, so it’s especially weird that they’re both missing. This was supposed to be the “wow–he’s busting out of that thing!” month. Oh well. The romper he’s wearing has boats and crabs and stuff on it. It matches his nursery. And it’s still white, at least.
*Cloudy. Boo. Why does it have to be cloudy on the 17th every month?
*It is difficult to get pictures of Abe these days where he doesn’t have either his fingers or a toy shoved in his mouth. Maybe next month he’ll have a tooth to show off?

Sleepy baby with his Sophie the Giraffe.

Every big kid has had a turn for individual pictures, so it was the month to get all four of them. In these, we were trying to recreate the first picture ever taken of the four of them, at the hospital. The results were not much like the original, but goofy and fun anyway.

Look what he can do! Okay, only for a few seconds. But still! He loves standing up.

I got a smile (ish) this month! I actually got a few, but this is the only one in focus. He tends to flail around happily while he smiles.

Where are those teeth already?!


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  1. He’s growing so fast and starting to development those motor skills! He looks like a much older baby in the picture where he’s standing. I love seeing his smile and chubby baby legs are definitely the best!

    • Thanks Katja! We didn’t even bother to buy an infant seat for Gus or Abe–went straight to the convertible! I thought Abe would stay littler when he started out smallish, but he seems determined to catch up to his brothers 🙂

  2. OMG!! Ok so the last three pics just put me in pure smile mode…The progression is great! Smile, serious, finger! He is an absolute cutie!!! And he is standing in that pic!?!?! Amazing!!!

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