Abe Lincoln Birthday Party, Part 1: Cupcakes!



We finally had Abe’s repeatedly delayed first birthday party on Friday! Just a few close friends and family came over for presents and cupcakes. And, really, let’s be honest: getting this picture is what first birthday parties are all about, right?


Never having been presented with an entire cupcake all his own before, Abe started out by delicately licking frosting off of one finger. But it didn’t take him long to fully embrace the experience, as evidenced in the photo. That’s the face he makes while he enthusiastically says, “MMMMMMmmmmm!”

After my attempt at making a fez cake fiasco at Gus’ Doctor Who party, it seemed prudent to stick with much harder to screw up cupcake toppers instead:


I googled until I found a Lincoln silhouette I liked online, then I used photo editing software to shrink them down and put circles around them and printed out a Β sheet on white cardstock. Hobby Lobby had all their fancy shaped punches half off, so I got this scallop edged circle punch for $5:

cupcakes10 cupcakes11

I have a regular old circle punch, too, but it was a little too big for cupcake toppers, so I traced them out on brown cardstock (using the lid to my prenatal vitamins) and cut them out by hand instead:


Then I just glued the two circles together and attached them to the lollipop sticks with scotch tape:


So easy! Cupcake toppers for every party forever!


I found those cupcake wraps on Amazon (I’ll do a source list at the end to keep everything in one place)….I had been looking for copper colored paper liners to actually cook the cupcakes in, but then I found these. I never knew such a thing existed, but I was extremely pleased with them. They were inexpensive (okay, I’m not sure what’s going on with this part: when I look now, they’re selling a set of 50 for THIRTY NINE dollars, but I just checked and I paid $7.12. $7.12 is a very reasonable price for these; $39 is not). Anyway, you just pop the cupcake in after it’s cooked and it looks all pretty.

The cupcakes are chocolate (I used this gluten free recipe; I screwed it up and put too much butter in, so I can’t really tell you if I’d recommend it; I can say that they’re completely edible even if you screw up and put too much butter in, so that’s something. Also there is what must surely be a typo in the recipe; use 1 1/2 teaspoons of xanthan gum, not tablespoons) with plain old buttercream frosting.

Then I put them all on my fancy new cupcake stand:


I have one more quick post about our sole non-present opening or cake eating party activity later in the week. And if you follow me on instagram, you might suspect you’ll be seeing a tile reveal this week as well, and you’re probably right πŸ™‚

source list:

Abe Lincoln t-shirt from Sandbox Threads

cupcake standΒ from Amazon

cupcake wrappersΒ or theseΒ –I can’t find the ones I used any more, but here are a couple of similar options

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Abe Lincoln Birthday Party, Part 1: Cupcakes! — 22 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness I love everything about these cub cakes. I love the wrapper and I simply adore the topper you made also with scallops. There is another punch I need πŸ™‚ Love the silhouette. It looks so great. Love Abe and his cupcake too πŸ™‚

  2. The price jumped because copper is so hot right now. What to set the trend and drive the prices up Gretchen!! The scalloped edges with the cardboard circle look really great together. Also you are a better mother/person because I stopped taking my prenatals like during my pregnancy.

  3. This is such a cool party theme. And I love the nods to Abe – like the copper wrappers.

    Also – coudl that baby with cake on his face be any cuter? No. Too much cute.

  4. I have my own little Abe! And ever since we decided on his name I KNEW what I was going to do for his first birthday!!… (Also his 3 year old cousin calls him Abraham Lincoln, so now it’s a thing). Thanks for sharing what you did!

    • yay–another Abe! The great thing about first birthday parties is they don’t care what the theme is, as long as there’s cake πŸ™‚

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