Abe at Nine Months



Abe turned nine months old on the 17th, and Dave turned 38. Birthday buddies! I’m terribly behind on doing big kid pictures….taking just the baby pictures has gotten sort of exhausting now that Abe’s so mobile–so this month I didn’t even try, but I got DAVE pictures (with Abe) instead. Next month I’ll give all four of them a try in hopes of coming up with something Christmas card worthy.

So let’s see: Abe has a lot of energy, and he doesn’t enjoy sleeping nearly as much as he did a few months ago. He’s cruising and can walk holding our hands, so I keep thinking he’ll be walking for real any second…but I remember thinking that about Ari for months, so who knows?

I think I’m ready to call “dog” for his first word (shocking, right?) ….although he says things that sound like dog a lot even in the complete absence of dogs. But he says it more emphatically when actual dogs are around and sometimes throws in a cough-y sounding thing that we assume to be barking as well. Barking before saying “mama”–that’s my boy.

He’s been very snotty the past week or so, which seems to keep him up at night even more than usual, but he’s as cheerful as ever during the day. He’s LOVING his Music Together class, and will generally stop in mid cry when we start up the CD from the class in the car.

I’ve put together this collage to illustrate 1 minute in the life of Abe. Repeat endlessly and you’ll see what our days are like. Full of motion.



And the other pictures:

abe9month1small abe9month2small abe9month4small abe9month9small abe9month11small


9 months, 1 day in the last one. The light was better that day, so I gave it another go, but he wasn’t nearly as smiley, so it didn’t work so well. And the Dave + Abe pics:

abe9month6bwsmall abe9month7small abe9month8smallbw


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  1. He is getting so big so fast! I feel like he was JUST born! I can’t believe how adorable he is with all that strawberry blonde hair.

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