Abe is ONE!

Pardon me while I post four hundred pictures of my (sniff, sniff) ONE YEAR OLD BABY!

Remember this? This happened about 5 minutes ago:

And now somehow he’s morphed from that tiny, wrinkly alien into this fine little human:


Can you tell I have no idea what to do with his hair these days? It sticks straight up in back, all fluffy-duck like, but then it falls right in his eyes in front if I don’t brush it off to one side.

Abraham Barry at one year is a pretty delightful baby. His favorite things are his brothers, his dogs, his cats, and dark chocolate, so he has his priorities very much in order.

We’re still waiting on the big walking milestone. He is utterly uninterested, though he’s been cruising and walking pushing toys around or holding our hands for months now. Here’s the “we know you could walk if you really wanted to, you little rapscallion” picture:


But, to make up for not walking, he’s spent the past month working on pretty much everything else babies do. He’s getting really good at putting things in other things and then dumping them out. He babbles constantly in a language only he can understand, says a few words we can understand, and is adding animal sounds in now. He growls when you ask him what the dinosaur says. He also growls when you ask him what the cat says, but if an actual cat meows, he does a really nice imitation of it.

He’s impatient with us reading books to him a lot of the time, but he loves to pull them all off the shelf and look through them himself. We have Sandra Boynton’s “Doggies” with pictures of a bunch of dogs making different dog sounds. On one page they all howl at the moon. He goes through the book and “reads” it to himself, saying, “dog. dog. dog. GOOD dog. dog. dog……AH-OOOOOOOH!…..dog. dog. good dog.” It’s the best thing ever. So, in short, he’s seeming a lot more like a toddler these days….aside from the actual toddling part.

He goes for his check up at the end of the week, so I have no official measurements, but he’s still a little thing compared to his brothers at the same age. He can still fit into 6-12 month clothes!

Not sure what I’ll do for photos over the next year…I might keep doing monthly for one more year, since they still change pretty quickly from one to two. I plan get all his monthly photos from this past year printed up in a book, so he’ll have something resembling a baby book. I already love looking back through all of them to see how much he’s changed. My last little baby boy.

I brought the seal down one more time, but he was nearly as uninterested in it as he in walking. I did get this one shot where it looks like he’s reading to the seal, though:


I found him this little rocking chair at the thrift store the other day for his new room. He’s not too sure about sitting in it just yet, but I got this one before he climbed out:



Here he is with Gable the dog. Gable looks nervous, doesn’t he? But Abe is very good at “gentle.” We practice it every day:


Oh, also? I took a million other pictures. Because he was ONE YEAR OLD!

abe1year1small abe1year2small abe1year3small abe1year5small abe1year6small abe1year7small abe1year8bwsmall abe1year9small abe1year10small




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    • Ah well, at least I can REMEMBER his first year, since it’s the first time I haven’t also had a 2 year old around since Ari was little πŸ˜‰

  1. Abe is awesome and I share the same priorities: my brother, dogs, cats and dark chocolate!
    I hope he had the best birthday ever.

  2. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful little boy friend! And a very happy birthday to him! I love that rocking chair by the way! He is a doll Gretchen! Seriously! I vote for you to continue taking his picture! All the best you! Nicole xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Abe! How did a year go by so fast?! He is too cute and doing so much now and I love how you capture all his expressions so well. Maybe Abe’s waiting to learn to run before he walks? πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh my word, this boy is a heartbreaker. Those eyes just penetrate into my soul.

    I love reading about him at one. So similar to Henry at one. The books part, especially. He’s just now getting excited about having books read to him. Which makes me unbelievably happy.

    Happy 1 year to Abe and YOU!

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