Abe’s National Parks Room: New Bedding and Throw Pillow Choices

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I was at Target the other day buying exciting things like groceries and socks, and I had no intention whatsoever of buying bedding for Abe’s room….but then I did anyway.

I think I mentioned in passing awhile back that I’ve been searching high and low for reasonably priced black and white buffalo check sheets for Abe’s bed, preferably in flannel. I still haven’t managed to find any, but I think now that that’s probably because I was meant to find THESE flannel ikat sheets at Target instead:

Threshold flannel Ikat sheets

Threshold Flannel Sheet Set

Buffalo check sheets mean nothing to me now. I went ahead and got him a nice soft gray blanket, too, since he only had his wool blanket on there before.

I’d also mentioned before maybe putting a box spring on the bed frame to lift things up a little….but then he fell out of bed just last night, so I think we’ll hold off on that for now (as is, the bed is so low that falling out of it is no big deal; he’s been known to fall out of bed and stay asleep on the floor, in fact).

Here’s how the bed is looking now:

novagratz bed w/ hudson bay blanket and ikat flannel sheets from target

(Incidentally, I think these pictures in this post give the best idea of the true color of the Bunker Hill Green walls. I’m a little obsessive about how hard it is to get a representation of it. But this is pretty close. I think it’s a shade brighter in real life).

I’m really happy with it so far, but I want to get some fun throw pillows to finish it up. I actually considered impulse buying a few throw pillows so I could call it done, but then I decided that that would be foolish. Plus, you know what’s more fun than a post about a finished bed with a few throw pillows? A post about an almost finished bed and a whole bunch of different throw pillows that I MIGHT get! So that is what kind of post this is.

Here are the contenders at the moment:


Throw pillows for Abe's National Parks Room


1. Peaks, Cub, and Evergreen pillows from Three Bad Seeds on Etsy, $30-60: Putting this collection of pillows together has been a dangerous exercise. Do you know how many amazingly adorable pillows people sell on Etsy?! SO MANY.  LOOK at these!
2. Campground Throw Pillows from Land of Nod, $24-32: a tent and a tree with faces: what could be more whimsical?!
3. Forever Forest Campfire Bear from Target, $15.30: This bear looks like he wouldn’t even THINK about eating you!
4. Faux Bois Pillow Cover from Oh My Pillow on Etsy, $24
5. Woolrich Bear Pillow, $24: I like that this one is subtle compared to some of them, but adds some extra texture with the corduroy thing it has going on.
6. Buffalo Check Pillow Cover from Maria Claire Interiors on Etsy, $18 and up: sheets may be hard to find, but there are plenty of buffalo check pillows out there.
7. Raccoon and Bear Pillows from Land of Nod, $29 each
8. Campfire Pillow Case from A Morbid Tale on Etsy, $11
9. Wolf Pillow Cover from H&M, $10
10. Log Pillow with Lichen from Blueberry Bandit on Etsy, $65: This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Hand stitched lichen! I think it’s the most expensive one of the bunch, so that does give me pause. But hand stitched lichen!
Which ones would you go with? I can see these actually getting used a lot, as opposed to just getting in the way like throw pillows usually do. We sit on the bed to read, for example. And a lot of these double as stuffed animals or toys. I’m just trying to justify splurging a bit :).
Here’s a view from the other direction:
We still have a lot more to do in here, but I’m having so much fun pulling it together. Abe’s room may be well on its way to being my favorite room in the house (shh! don’t tell my new bathroom!)


Abe’s National Parks Room: New Bedding and Throw Pillow Choices — 19 Comments

  1. i love how this is coming together- i think my favorite option for the pillows is 1, but that wolf, too… his eyes are drawing me in and saying lay your head on my face. i won’t bite.
    my favorite line: Buffalo check sheets mean nothing to me now.

  2. I LOVE the first collection of pillows with those adorable mountains and that sweet bear! He would never think of eating you either! 😀

    • That’s the beauty of “theme” as broad as national parks; anything in any national park anywhere is fair game! Bison and mountains can finally be together 😉

  3. Love how his room is coming together! The pillows choices are all so cute. Love the mountain ones. I’ve been thinking of making something similar for our home for some time now. I’ll have to check out the ones you found.

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