Abe’s National Parks Room: More See America + an Adorable Rug

National Parks themed little boy's room with prints from the See America Project and bear rug from Target's Pillowfort

Can you spot the changes in Abe’s room?!

This game only works if you didn’t read the title of the post, because I told you all about them there.

Anyway, if you guessed (or read) the See America posters above his bed and the “Hello” bear rug, then you win! Congratulations!!

A couple of weeks ago, I hinted that more See America stuff was coming when I posted about the banner I made out of See America postcards.  Hanging a few of these posters up over Abe’s bed has been the plan since very early on in this room design (as soon as I first heard about them on the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast), but deciding which ones to get wasn’t easy. Anyone can submit a design to the site, so there are lots and lots and LOTS to choose from.

In the end, we decided to go with three different designs by the same artist (Matt Brass) to give the grouping a more cohesive look (and to narrow down the choices so we could actually get to the part where we ordered something!) We also narrowed it down to either parks Abe has already been to (Great Smoky Mountains) or parks we’re planning to take him to in the near future (the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone). We ended up with three 18×24 prints, which were $35 each, unframed (framed, they’re $85 each), and then we used a 15% off coupon code. We picked up frames at Michaels when they were half off.


The pictures are glare-y. Sorry. I couldn’t wait for more favorable lighting conditions because I was too excited.

The rug was a total impulse buy at Target. As you might know, I’m kind of a Pillowfort fangirl, so I walk down that aisle pretty much any time I got to Target. Just in case they have started selling a rug featuring a hat wearing bear telling me “hello.” The rug was $24.99, I think, and I have zero regrets.

Incidentally, I keep scrolling back to look at the photo up there as I’m writing this post, because I love Abe’s room so much!

I had hoped to make a big push to get the room totally finished before our summer trip (which is soon), and, to that end, I sat down and made a decision about Spoonflower fabric for the bookcase and ordered it about a week and a half ago. And then I noticed that it says it takes 2-3 weeks to ship. Which totally makes sense because they have to print it special just for me….but it did really throw off my big push plans. So unless the house sitters want to paint Abe’s bookshelf and redo the fabric when it gets here, it’s going to have to wait a little while.


Abe’s National Parks Room: More See America + an Adorable Rug — 23 Comments

  1. I have to ask myself, does the bear’s obvious pleasure at seeing me mean he’s saying “Hello, there’s lunch”? or does the hat mean he’s a civilized bear who would never eat someone he’s been introduced to? (Keep my speculations from Abe.) Regardless, I love the rug. And the posters.

    • I think there’s a lesson here about ALWAYS buying anything you see that you think you might want. Wait–that might be a bad lesson, actually. hmm…

  2. I love it! The whole thing. It’s awesome. There are SO many bears in there. It’s kind of like if I decorated a room with a bunch of whimsical tarantulas.

    • haha–that sounds fabulous! I’m excited about seeing your whimsical tarantula room when I come visit 😉

    • Thank you! It’s called Bunker Hill Green, so it’s probably your Massachusetts blood and/or patriotic revolutionary pride that draws you to it 😉

  3. I really love the bedding!, especially the duvet cover. Where did you get the bins under his bed? They look stackable.

    • Thanks, Jamie! The bins are from Ikea….they’re not stackable, really, though (they nest together, but won’t stack with things in them)

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