Adventure Room: Thinking Ahead to Abe’s Big Kid Room

Sometimes, when people blog about their houses, they worry that someday their houses will be all finished, and they won’t have anything else to blog about.  I don’t have this worry at all. For one thing, we’re really slow. For another thing, we have a relatively big house with none of this “open concept” business; lots and lots of boxy rooms to deal with. And then we tend to do things like invent new rooms in our house instead of finishing the ones we’re already working on. By my calculations, our basement is big enough to invent at least three or four more totally new rooms for. And then there’s this whole thing where I’m already planning to redo Abe’s room for the third time in three years.

But, you see, kid rooms are my FAVORITE. And he’s my last kid (I mean, I imagine I’m not finished doing rooms for Milo and Gus yet, but when we do redo it, it will no doubt be to make it LESS kid-like. Cue quiet sobbing. Gus is NINE. I’m halfway through the part where he lives with us already! I mean, probably. He IS into theater. He might need to live at home forever while he waits for his big break).

So, anyway, we’re probably still a year away from actually redoing Abe’s room, but, what with kid rooms being my favorite and all, I thought it might be fun to come up with a few ideas throughout the year so that I’ll be completely overwhelmed with choices by the time we actually DO anything in there.

Honestly, I thought these were going to be easy, fun posts to write, but so far it’s harder than I expected. So, you know, just don’t think I’m getting off easy with these!

First up we have this Adventure Room:

Adventure Room


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10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14

1. This Spoonflower wallpaper, “Adventure Toile,” was the inspiration for this whole plan. I think I was searching for train wallpaper and came across it. I love the idea of throwing trains, dinosaurs, dragons, bears, et. al. together in one theme. I also love the colors and how relatively understated the print is: I think I could do all four walls in this without it being overwhelming.

2. This West Elm rug was in a post about a little boy’s room on Emily Henderson’s blog the other day. Super cute and surprisingly affordable.

3 and 5. All from Land of Nod. The blanket might be a little too green, but on my screen it looks aqua-ish.

4. This bed is too expensive, but I want Dave to make me one like it. Well, to make Abe one like it. From birch plywood, of course!

6,7,8. Adventure throw pillows from various Etsy sellers.

9. Boho MCM Blue Dresser from Number Fifty-three:

blue dresser

This is the piece that really made the room start to come together in my head. Of course, I can’t have THIS one, but something like it: similiar lines and a fabulous deep blue.

10. Vintage suitcases: adventurous AND practical for storage

12. Free travel-themed printables from Free Vintage Posters…..

13. Castle blocks from Etsy

So, basically, I think this particular loose “theme” would give me a great way to work all of Abe’s current interests in to the room and lend itself well to a lot of vintage details. I’m always all about the vintage details. And you can’t go wrong with lots of blue and aqua.


Adventure Room: Thinking Ahead to Abe’s Big Kid Room — 10 Comments

  1. Love the colors! I am also obsessed with that combo. Mine started with that deep blue sofa from Walmart, of all places, that I want to put in the teal playroom.
    That wallpaper is amazing. It will give him something to look at for HOURS while you do other projects!

  2. Rock Star! I love all the pieces you chose for his space friend!!! And ha….things are so ever changing that I find spaces change all the time!!! I can not wait to see this space come together friend! It will be gorgeous!!! What a lucky kid!! Nicole xoxo

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