Basement Updating: Reality Check Time

We’re finishing a room in our basement as part of a Fall In Love room makeover collaboration with a bunch of other fabulous bloggers. Read more about it and find links to all the other bloggers here.

We have ONE more weekend before I’m supposed to show you all my amazing finished basement.

I would like to be completely honest with you: I’m pretty much certain at this point that I will, instead, be showing you a “finished” basement.

I’m just glad the before picture looks so awful that it’s not hard for the transformation to seem dramatic.

The painting is taking us approximately 400 times as long as anticipated. Here’s the preview I posted on Instagram; with any luck I’ll be able to show you the whole thing before the end of the week (and then descend into radio silence re: the basement until the BIG REVEAL):


What we’ve done so far:

cleaned out room

painted floor

hung doors

put up plank wall

patched walls

painted trim and doors


What we’re still hoping to do by next week:

finish painting

install baseboards

move futon in

Ikea run for a few things

DIY projector screen and have projector set up

a surprise or two


What we’re abandoning all hope of doing by next week, though we had originally hoped to:

table and chairs for games

refinishing campaign chest for down here

shelves for games


And, so that you have more than one picture to look at in this post, here’s our newest foster dog, Ears. I mean Fergus. He was hanging out outside a friend’s house, and no one was coming forward to claim him, so she posted him on Facebook and tagged me, “doesn’t this look like a dog you would like to foster?” So, umm, now we have him. He’s super sweet, and….EARS:











Basement Updating: Reality Check Time — 20 Comments

  1. This. This is why you pick your already good enough laundry room. 😛

    Just think about the amount of work you all have done and how much more you accomplished with the extra push (or some other positive mumbo-jumbo like that).

    Ears is so squishy cute. I hope he enjoys his stay!

    • And after all of this work I’m doing in my basement, my laundry room is STILL going to look like crap. That’s the kicker 😉

  2. we should be like “hey kidding reveal week is DECEMBER 3 week- you thought we said november…. ha ha.”
    and i went to ikea yesterday to get all the last minute things i needed. and all were out of stock. so plan d is coming to life.

  3. Hahaha – those ears! Fergus is so adorable that I’m sure if you include him in the “reveal” post he will stand in for anything that’s missing 😉

    You’ve gotten a crazy amount of work done so far – I am beyond impressed!

    • Thanks, Stephanie! It’s not even paychecks with this as much as lack of time! Everything’s coming in under budget so far, which is pretty much unheard of around here. So that’s good anyway 🙂

  4. Fergus is too cute! We’ve been painting too this week and I know I won’t be done in time. We found out over the weekend that the machine that’s supposed to cut our shelf is broken again. More delays! I think you’ve got a lot done in a short period of time!

    • Thanks, Nicole! I’m convinced Abe is never going to actually get big….he still fits in clothes he wore last winter! It’s a big change after my first three….

  5. You are such a kind soul to foster all the little sweeties that come your way! The basement is looking great and ears looks like a Stellaluna to me.;)

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