Blue and Gold Star: This Year’s Quick 4th of July Project

blue and gold star for the front door

Historically, I’m not the best at either decorating for the 4th of July or putting stuff on my front door to make it look all pretty and seasonally appropriate. So with this project I tried to fix both of those things, with mixed results.

Last year’s sole 4th of July project was these pinwheels.

This year I pulled out a scrap piece of thin plywood and cut out this star with the jigsaw (well. Dave did. He also drew the star because it’s geometry. I draw the things you don’t need a protractor for).

I painted it with the rest of the Farmhouse Paints Pigeon Bleu that I also used on our big whale a couple of weeks ago. And then I drew (really me this time!) little gold stars all over it with a sharpie paint pen. Because gold stars make everyone happy.


Then I hung it on the front door, and suddenly I became a person with a seasonal decoration on my front door:

star02 blue and gold star hanging on front door

(that clearance welcome mat sure did wear out fast. Hi Fiesta!)

So now the mixed results part: I wasn’t sure how to hang this up, so I went with the paper clip and hot glue hanger that’s worked so well for my plates in the kitchen. And I had one of those Command hooks lying around, so I stuck that on the door and then hung up my star.

And everything was fabulous….for a week or so. Until right after I took these pictures. Then the paper clip came off the back and the star came crashing down. It’s a very lightweight star, so “crashing” is probably too strong of a word. Anyway. It fell.

So I still need to figure out another way to hang it. I think the heat and humidity with the hot glue plus the door opening and closing 40 times a day was just too much for my little paper clip hanger.

So for right now it’s sitting on my dining room table. But I’m confident that by NEXT 4th of July it will be hanging on the door again!


Blue and Gold Star: This Year’s Quick 4th of July Project — 14 Comments

    • Thanks, Stephanie! I’m thinking about both of those options….my main issue is that the plywood is SO thin that I’m afraid anything I use to attach a hanger will poke through the other side. Which is why I was loving the glue idea…until it didn’t work anymore 🙁

  1. I think that is the perfect piece for the fourth…and I like the colors that you used for it! Looks great on the front door even if it fell! Happy week to you lady! Nicole xo

    • Ha–I kept trying to figure out why people were liking that last picture…then I went back and looked and remembered Fiesta 🙂

    • Thanks, Katja! Yes, the boxwoods are amazing me by doing great! My secret is that I watered them twice in the week after I put them in the planters, then completely ignored them after that 😉 Apparently they thrive on unusually cold Georgia winters and neglect.

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