Camp-O-Ween! Haunted Woods/Camping Halloween Display

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I hinted at this on Instagram quite awhile ago, but this year’s Halloween theme is….Haunted Camping! You know, because of the new trailer and all. I was actually planning to use a vintage toy camping set I found at the thrift store, but it turned out the tent from that was sort of huge and garish….and also a little broken. So I made a tent out of a piece of black card stock instead:


Here’s the tutorial for that:

  1. Take a piece of black card stock
  2. Fold in half

Then I stuck a skeleton from Michaels in there. It’s actually only the skull and rib cage, because, for some reason, Michaels (or at least my Michaels) doesn’t sell just miniature skeletons–they sell a bag of assorted skeleton parts, which are not all to the same scale.

And what happened to this poor camper? Well, I don’t really know, but I hear there are BEARS in the haunted woods. Probably like extra scary haunted-type bears. They look pretty menacing:


My original idea was to cut out bear silhouettes out of card stock, but I couldn’t find any sufficiently terrifying bear outlines online. So I ordered these guys from Amazon: hind legs scary bear and four legs on the ground scary bear.

Also, I mean, the camping guy must have passed RIGHT BY this ominous little graveyard on his way to his doom:


I tried to think of more scary camping/bear puns for here, but I couldn’t. The chalkboard mini-tombstones are also from Michaels.

What else? The tree with the lights on it I found at the thrift store a few years ago (the lights are purple string lights from Target). The other taller trees are from the dollar section at Target (but the $3 part of the dollar section, sadly) and then I strung Halloween colored beads on them (also from Target).

And then the smaller trees in front I made from paper lunch bags! Super simple. I used this tutorial from Pikadilly Charm, but then instead of leaving them brown and putting and colorful paper leaves on them, I spray painted them black so they’d be more HAUNTED.


Here is the unlit up version:


So this year’s Halloween is less literary (and less elaborate) than last year’s, but the kids got their theme, and I got to incorporate bears, the scariest thing in the whole world.

We’ve still done nothing outside, but that’s largely because it’s been raining here since the beginning of time.

Make this haunted forest/camping themed Halloween display with easy and spooky paper bag trees

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Camp-O-Ween! Haunted Woods/Camping Halloween Display — 12 Comments

  1. When I read the headline yesterday I first thought you made your kids camp out in a scary display. That kind of would be fun 😉 Love it inside and tiny better though. I’m also a fan of the skeleton in the tent.

  2. Interestingly, I find the unlit view unbearably haunting, compared to the lights. (But probably not at night.) I think I see paper bag trees in my future.

    • I think I had the room lights on in that one, instead of just the natural light from the windows, which I think casts a (spooky!) yellowish glow on things 🙂

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