Christmas Trees in the Kids’ Rooms, plus Abe’s State Puzzle Tree

Hey, look what happened here last weekend:

We got what is, for Georgia, a massive amount of snow. It was supposed to be an inch or so, but it ended up being something like 6 or 7 inches. And a nice, convenient sort of snow that was beautiful and fluffy and fell on roads that warmed up enough during the day that we could get around pretty easily by the afternoon after the snow stopped. (We never lost power; a lot of people did, so it was probably not such a convenient sort of snow for them).

So this rare December snow had me feeling very Christmassy, and I got around, for the first time ever, to decorating and photographing small trees in each of the kids’ rooms. For those keeping count at home, this makes six trees in our house this year. While I feel a little jealous that I don’t have a tree in MY room, I don’t think I feel jealous enough to go for SEVEN trees next year. But we’ll see. Or I could move one of my downstairs trees upstairs. Hmm….

First off I’ll show you the trees. Milo and Gus’s tree is a little pathetic, and I think I need to find them a new one (this was a cheapie from the thrift store), but I did my best to pretty it up with some lights and ornaments from Target:

mini Christmas tree with gnome ornaments from Target

Incidentally, I’m really itching to redo Milo and Gus’s room next year. More on that when I get to the whole house plans for 2018 post next month.

Ari has the coolest kid tree, but I found it nearly impossible to photograph. I actually bought this little tinsel tree for downstairs a few years back, but then I stopped using it down there when I found our white tree at the thrift store. It fits perfectly both size and style wise in Ari’s room. I have a giant collection of thrifted blue and silver ornaments, so there were plenty left over for Ari’s tree after I decorated the white one (it helps that Ari appears to be an ornament minimalist):

Christmas trees in kids' rooms

And here’s Abe’s little tree:

US states mini Christmas tree; diy ornaments made from upcycled puzzle

It’s hanging out next to his book ledges, which also get a holiday makeover because they’re filled with the Christmas books we unwrap every night:

The ornaments on Abe’s tree are made from a US map puzzle, which fits in nicely with the National Parks theme we have going on in here (what, with the National Parks all being in states and all. The US national parks, that is).

US state shaped ornaments from upcycled puzzle

These were originally going to go on our sunroom travel themed Christmas tree, but it when I got them on there I realized they were just too tiny to make an impression on that big old tree, so up to Abe’s room they went.

Duct Tape and Denim has a great tutorial on making very similar ornaments from a vintage puzzle she found on eBay. I had hoped to find a vintage puzzle, too, but eBay wasn’t being very kind to me when I looked, so I ended up this this one from Amazon instead (affiliate link: if you buy something after following my link, I earn a small commission, but you don’t pay anything extra. Thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial!). And then it was just a matter of hot glueing bakers twine onto the backs of each piece.

And with that, I give you the last of my Christmas decorating posts for this year! I have one more post planned for next week before I go on winter break for a couple of weeks (although I’ll probably come back to do a quick Christmas wrap up post, because I usually do).

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Making US state puzzle piece ornaments from a US map puzzle. Mini Christmas tree in a kid's room.





Christmas Trees in the Kids’ Rooms, plus Abe’s State Puzzle Tree — 7 Comments

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw the football on the Alabama puzzle piece! (Daughter of Alabamian.)
    The snow is wonderful, the convenient kind of snow. I remember the pictures my Decatur cousins sent of their new house in the snow in 1963, slightly less than you got.
    I love all the trees, but especially Ari’s. Are you sure you don’t want a seventh one? I have never thought of putting my ceramic tree with night-light in the bedroom. Usually it goes in the kitchen, but this year there is too much going on in there so it’s in the living room on the other side of the room from the real tree.

    • They love their football in Alabama, don’t they?! I wouldn’t mind a seventh tree putting it up, but putting them all up in January is the problem 🙂

  2. Texas is pink because Leo is in it! I love all of the trees. Never tell my kids that some children have their very own trees in their rooms; I’ll never hear the end of it!

  3. The puzzle ornaments are my FAVORITE! So fun! I totally dropped the ball on Henry’s room tree. Any Lucy’s (although I didn’t plan to do that because I knew she didn’t care). I just feel like the time snuck up on us.

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