Gold Dotted Glasses and Holiday Table: 2013 Edition



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I meant to get this post up last week, so it would be a little more…in time for Thanksgiving. I did not, as you see, succeed, but since my Thanksgiving decorations all seem to veer off into Christmasy territory anyway, I’m just calling this a holiday table and pretending it’s perfectly on time. (ETA: I do realize it’s not Thanksgiving yet….I just meant early enough to get in on all the in advance table planning partying that goes on all over the internet for most of November).

This year’s table looks a lot like last year’s table. The big changes are the new wooden box/gold pinecone centerpieceΒ and the glasses that I put dots on.

Last year I realized too late that we didn’t really have any pretty glasses to use on my pretty table (I make the table pretty precisely once a year, so it’s easy to overlook these things). Our usual drinking vessels are ironic mugs from the thrift store and an assortment of (also thrifted) pint glasses with beer logos.

This year, I vowed, things would be different! Prettier.

Armed with internet inspiration…..

Like these pretty glasses from Feet Grounded on the Earth:


….I went to Target and picked up a bunch of stemless wine glasses from the Dollar Spot (so, you know, for a dollar each):


And I picked up an oil based gold Sharpie paint pen. My big innovation (well, it’s probably not really an innovation, but it’s different than the ones I looked at on other blogs anyway) was doing three different sized dots/circles, gradually getting smaller as they go up.



I thought this would be a great project to work on while watching TV, but it turns out you kind of need to beΒ looking at your glasses while you draw dots on them. But I got pretty quick with it after the first few, so it didn’t take too long (I wound up doing 10 all together). I did them a couple at a time then took a break so my hand didn’t get too tired.

I read that you should set the paint by baking them in the oven. This made me very nervous, because I didn’t want to clean up an oven full of shattered glass, but I also didn’t want all my dots to wash off. So I did it. And it was fine! You’re supposed to put them in a cold oven so they warm up gradually. I put them in at 325 for about half an hour (and then I also left them in while the oven cooled off, to continue to avoid abrupt temperature changes). I haven’t washed them yet, so no news on how the paint holds up. But I hear good things from the internet.

gold-dotted-glasses4And here’s the whole table:


Those are my beloved Patch NYC dessert plates from Target last year, on plain white plates from TJ Maxx, and gold chargers (Hobby Lobby?). The table cloth looks white in the pictures, but it actually has kind of a gold speckle running through it. Last year I had a sparkly black and gold table runner, but I thought it wouldn’t work with the rustic box, so I picked up this more subdued one from Ikea.

Not pictured are napkins, because I started to pull them out and realized they desperately need ironing, and gold flatware. Because I don’t have any. I want some though, and I know the thrift store will come through for me someday.

gold-black-thanksgiving-table1 gold-black-thanksgiving-table3 gold-black-thanksgiving-table4

Gold and black Thanksgiving table with woodland animals

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Gold Dotted Glasses and Holiday Table: 2013 Edition — 28 Comments

    • Thanks, Cassie–I still love them as much this year as I did when I bought them…I really need to bring them out more often.

    • I don’t think they’re there all the time, but I’ve seen them show up in the dollar section from time to time…I think mostly around the holidays. Ikea has them even cheaper, but I’m not sure if they have stemless.

    • It’s occurred to me that I need to wash them BEFORE people drink out of them on Thanksgiving….so, yes, fingers crossed they make it through at least one soaking!

  1. I am still in LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE hard with those plates. That’s a mighty fine looking Thanksgiving table. I think your glasses turned out great. They are very beautiful!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS! Your room is amazing! The rich dark colors contrasting the white are perfect! Your table is gorgeous friend and how cool did those glasses turn out!!!! I am so very blown away! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    • Thanks, Kim! I’m such a dedicated Dare to DIY’er that I already have all my links planned out! (I still need to DO some of the stuff, but I know what it’s goign to be :))

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