Guest Hosting Thrift Score Thursday!

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I’m very excited to be guest hosting Thrift Score Thursday, one of my favorite events in all of blogland, this week. Brynne from The Gathered Home and Trisha from Black and White Obsession are the permanent hosts; everyone links up their thrift (or flea market or garage sale or grandma’s basement or whatever) finds for the week (you can link up any day!) on Instagram and tags them #thriftscorethursday, and then you get to spend the week gawking enviously at everyone’s great stuff. And then on Thursday Brynne and Trisha and their lucky guest host each pick a couple of favorites to share.

When I met Brynne and Trisha at Haven last month, I told them that I really appreciate Thrift Score Thursday because it reminds me that it’s important that I go to the thrift store and find something amazing there every week. Brynne started to say something about how I didn’t have to post things I’d just bought that week; I could always post something I’d bought before, but I was like, “no, Brynne, I don’t think you heard me: I need to go to the thrift store and buy things EVERY WEEK. Need.

Picking features is both fun and challenging because people find so many things I wish were in MY house instead.

First off check out the rug and sheepskin that aishlyric_ix shared:



The sheepskin is a fun find, but it’s that rug that really caught my eye. That color! That pattern!

And next up is this little vintage planter that Michelle from Weekend Craft (weekendcraft on Instagram) found:


If you’ve been reading here long you might know that I have kind of a thing for vintage planters, and this little elephant is an exceptionally adorable example of one. He can water his plant with his trunk! (I mean, not really, I don’t think. Just pretend ;)).

My find for this week is this little campaign style chest that I picked up for $35:


I probably should have brought it into the house and styled it all pretty since I’m the guest host this week and all, but it’s kind of heavy, and it’s staying in my garage until it gets painted. I don’t hate the yellow, though I don’t really have much yellow in my house, but the paint’s in cruddy shape, so it has to go:


I have a real antique campaign chest with a mahogany veneer that my Dad gave me years ago….I love it, but I would never touch the wood on that one, so I’m excited to have this one that I’m free to paint a fun color.

Make sure to check out Brynne and Trisha’s picks and their finds from this week, too:

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Thrift Score Thursday Brynne color

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Guest Hosting Thrift Score Thursday! — 21 Comments

  1. Girl, that yellow!! Sure it’s in rough shape but at least you can get an idea of how bold you can really take the piece!

    And we totally speak the same language! I generally sneak off to the thrift store as often as possible. But then I end up with a huge haul and no more decorating money… so then it’s all about browsing & deep regret for leaving things behind. Vicious cycle I tell ya! Thank you sooo much for being our guest host this week!

  2. Oooh, how I love that little campaign dresser! The yellow is my favorite – too bad the paint is so shabby un-chic… I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    And, haha – I totally remember that exchange at Haven! I’m glad Thrift Score Thursday can help encourage your thrifting compulsion 😉

  3. How did I not know that #thriftscorethursday exists?! (Okay, this is really hard to type. At least for a foreigner like me. Phew!)

    Anyway – it will be even more fun now to share my latest finds on instagram, yeah!!
    And your chest? Looks awesome! I can imagine that one in really every color that exists, it will always look fabolous!

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  4. Awesome dresser! I kinda like the worn look on it too. That elephant planter screams your name. Maybe for hosting thrift store karma will place one on the shelf of your local store! 😉

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