Halloween Decor Season Begins

black and white halloween vignette on dresser in foyer

Honestly? THIS is about how much Halloween decorating I wanted to do this year. I’m feeling sort of overwhelmed this fall, and there are so many things that need to be done in the house, that over the top seasonal decorating seems like a luxury I don’t have time for.

But I set a dangerous precedent with our Edgar Allen Poe/Raven theme in 2013 and our Great Expectation/Miss Havisham/Spooky wedding theme last year. When I said to the kids, “hey, kids! How about this year we just put out some tasteful and simple Halloween decorations involving only things we already have in our basement?!” ….they acted like I’d suggested Santa only bring socks and underwear this year.

So. This is only the beginning. I have ideas and a start for the rest of it, and there was a trip to Michael’s today. The buffet will definitely be getting themed, and the front yard might be joining in the fun, but only if Dave has time to make a giant plywood thing for me. I’m already a MONTH behind where I was last year, so I need to get moving (although I’m only a month behind because I was, apparently, insane last year. Halloween decorations on September 1?! Who DOES that?! Last year me does that).

This first little display (on the dresser in our foyer) does indeed consist only of things we already had around. The pom pom garland has been up ever since the Christmas decorations came down last year, and I taped some bats (foam bats; I think they’re from Michaels) on the mirror above it. The glass pumpkin is Target from three years ago (the mini Reeses cups are new. I didn’t already have them in my basement), and I taped my little “Nevermore” book page banner to it, because I love it, and it’s still, amazingly, intact after 2 years stuffed in a box in our basement. The “poison” placemat is also vintage 2012 Target, as is the skull, I believe. My friend Kristi brought me the Raven from Ross a couple of years ago. And the little brass pumpkin is a thrift find. I love it and wish it could stay out all year. But then it wouldn’t be as special. It’s holding keys right now, so it’s pretty AND useful.

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Halloween Decor Season Begins — 15 Comments

    • I tend to just leave the Halloween decor up through Thanksgiving anyway, so it will definitely stay out that long :). And, yes, I’m pretty sure it’s the law that you can’t let Reeses cups go to waste, no matter how old they are!

    • I would offer you some, but ours are all gone. I’m just kidding…we have a FEW left still :). The, umm…KIDS keep eating them, so they’re going fast.

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