Happy Holidays and See You Next Year!

I meant to have one more post about something other than how I’m not posting anymore this year up today, but then it got late and the photos weren’t edited and the next episode of The Crown beckons…so instead I’m just posting right quick to say Merry Everything to all of you, thank you so much for spending some of your time here over the past year, and tell you that I’ll be back after New Year’s with all that wrapping up 2017 and looking ahead to 2018 type of stuff.

This might be a good place to stick in a copy of this year’s Christmas card, except I never got around to making one, so I can’t. If I had, it would probably have this picture of us at Yellowstone on it, though, so just pretend this says Happy Holidays or whatever across the bottom:

Incidentally, I think this is my favorite family photo of us ever, and it all happened because, earlier this same day, I had resolved to say yes anytime a stranger offered to take our picture. I was sort of in the habit of saying no thanks without even thinking about it, for no good reason at all, and that kind of bad habit leads to not having any family photos. And just hours later, I was rewarded with this! Most of the kids aren’t smiling, but all of us have our eyes open!

And then here’s Abe and Santa, because that’s so Christmassy:




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