My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition

Since I have recently become one of those crazy people with three Christmas trees, I was very excited to get the chance to join up with a bunch of other bloggers this week to show off just one of those Christmas trees for the Christmas tree edition of My Home Style, hosted by Stephanie at Casa Watkins Living. Welcome to those you who are coming over from The Gathered Home; it’s one of my very favorite blogs, and I’m going to be continuing with the white tree trend she has going on here today. Make sure to stick around for links to all the other trees at the end of the post!

If you were here for my Christmas home tour last week, you’ve already seen this tree. Actually, I went back and forth until the very last minute about which tree I was going to show you today. But I still have another project to finish up for the as yet unseen on this blog mystery sunroom tree, so that pretty much made the decision for me. Also, though, I made some changes this year to the white tree in the library plus I just super love it a lot and I wanted to talk about it some more.

white christmas tree with blue ornaments

I never had a tree that was decorated in any particular style until a few years ago. We’ve always gone with a real tree with colored lights and a motley assortment of ornaments made by kids or collected from all over the place. And we still have that tree, and I think we always will, at least until all the kids leave home.

But adding a second tree gave me the freedom to still have that family friendly, somewhat homely tree AND have one where everything matches and looks beautiful.

I’ve told the story before about how I spotted a beautiful white tree at the thrift store four years ago when I was hugely pregnant with Abe, and I was just too weary to buy it and take it out to the car. That year I settled for a skinny silver tinsel tree and spent the next few years regretting my missed opportunity. Until! Another white tree turned up at the thrift store last year, and, of course, I jumped on my chance this time.

I’ve decorated the silver tinsel tree and then the white tree pretty much the same every year until this one: white lights, strings of blue beads, and a whole bunch of blue and silver and white ornaments I’ve collected from thrift stores:

whitetree05s whitetree04s


My three style words for My Home Style are eclectic, collected, and quirky….and the ornaments are obviously where the collected part comes in here. Some of these are vintage and some of them are just ordinary ornaments that happened to fit the look. I plan to keep collecting ornaments for this tree for….forever, and I hope to get more vintage ornaments over time.

I’ve had the strings of blue beads for years, but I just added some blue ribbon this year to give the tree a little more of a finished look (I’d never bought ribbon for a tree before; another roll would have been a good idea).


The big change to the tree this year was the addition of blue and silver glittery dinosaurs. I painted the dinosaurs a few years ago. They were originally an Advent calendar for the kids and then, the next year, I added hooks to them so they could be ornaments. They also spent some time last year invading our Christmas village. But I’d only ever hung them on our hodge podge tree before. This year it finally occurred to me that they happen to go perfectly, color wise, with the white tree. And that adding them would make the white tree ONE MILLION TIMES more exciting. So I did. And now my tree is PERFECT. Roar.

whitetree06s whitetree03s white christmas tree

Another great feature of white trees is how they function essentially like giant flashes for your pictures of kids and trees. I plan to make the kids pose at least 800 more times this year before Christmas:

whitetree07s whitetree01s

I put together a collage with some of the elements for putting together a similar tree (affiliate links provided below, in case you don’t have four years to gather everything together from the thrift store):

Decorate a white christmas tree with blue and silver plus glittery dinosaurs

retro ornaments / plastic dinosaurs / blue ornaments / blue beads / blue ribbon

Thanks so much for stopping by; hope you have some time now to check out Ciburbanity’s post and all the other great tree decorating ideas!

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My Home Style: Christmas Tree Edition — 20 Comments

  1. THOSE DINOSAURS!!! You’re right, they were an absolutely genius addition to your tree! 1) I love the giant white tree. 2) I love the fact that it was thrifted. 3) I love your collection of ornaments. And 4) That last shot of Abe! All the heart eyes!

  2. Dinosaurs forever! I have no dinosaur ornaments, and I must rectify this. They’ll go nicely with the elephant, the green horse with the cavalry saddle (but no rider, ha!) and the blown glass bird.

  3. “Since I have recently become one of those crazy people with three Christmas trees,” I feel like we’re all this level of crazy, we don’t just “become” that crazy ahahaha I love those dino ornaments though! Perfect!

  4. Those dinos just make the whole tree spectacular! I am going to make a similar ornament for my 4 year old (if I can get my act together in the next few days). Definitely one of the most original trees I’ve seen!

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