Homeschool Wednesday: Georgia Aquarium

We’re not really doing school this week. We’re still on Christmas break. But my sister-in-law, Amy, her husband, Craig, and their kids, Benjamin and Louis, are in town from California for a few days, so we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium–the aquarium that was, when it was built, the largest in the world! It doesn’t sound so impressive when you have to say it that way. Apparently they just opened a new world’s largest aquarium in Singapore in November. I don’t think we’ll make it to that one any time soon, though.

We live about half an hour away from the aquarium, but we haven’t been there for years–not since Gus was very small–so he didn’t remember it at all, and the other kids didn’t remember it very well. Winter break is not the best time to go. We got there around 11:30, and it wasn’t TOO bad then, but within a couple of hours it had gotten crowded enough that it almost wasn’t worth being there any more. When we got to the penguins, they had a woman standing outside telling everyone to “enjoy your time, but don’t take your time” while watching them. It’s awfully expensive to go to the aquarium, and I really feel like I should be able to look at penguins for as long as I want to for that kind of money. So next time I think we’ll go when other kids are in school. And when I’m not 38 weeks pregnant.

We touched aquatic animals

Ari pretended to be very excited about this replica of a gray whale jaw bone.

This is a lionfish, and it’s really cool looking, but don’t be fooled. It’s an invasive species AND it causes “excruciating pain” if it stings you.

We saw many pretty fish. There were pops of orange everywhere. It was kind of like the nursery.

You know what’s awesome? Jelly fish.

I wanted a nice picture where all my kids were standing in front of fish, looking normal and happy. I did not get one. I’m also not sure why they’re all wearing black for their big aquarium trip. I did not select those clothes.

And then we ended the day with the dolphin show. There are dolphins in the dolphin show, and they are awesome because they are dolphins. But then there’s also this guy in a light up cape singing songs and a bizarre story line about stars and sea monsters, and Gus was NOT HAPPY about that part. I looked back at him during the show, and he looked disgusted (this picture is from before the show, before all of our dolphin show hopes and dreams were dashed).  “I thought it was going to be about dolphins,” he said afterwards, “It was a giant rip off. It was just for that guy to sing songs.” I’m with Gus, I have to say. I’d be all for a show where dolphins do flips while their trainers tell you all about how great dolphins are and how they get them to do flips and stuff. Although I’m fine with it if the trainers want to wear light up capes while they talk. Anyway, Gus is considering writing a letter voicing his dissatisfaction.

So kind of a bummer of a way to end the trip, at least for Gus. But all in all, a fun day. With many fish. Also beluga whales. And otters. Otters are the BEST.


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    • yeah, that doesn’t sound so fun. I’m surprised they haven’t gotten on the “build an enormous downtown aquarium to attract hordes of tourists” bandwagon yet. It’s all the rage!

  1. I’m with Gus on that one. It’s as if some of these places are afraid to be educational for fear of being boring, when that would actually make them much more interesting. I feel the same way about Legoland, Universal studio and Disneyland. They really miss the mark if you as me. At disney I would much rather learn about how they make cartoons, at Universal Studios I want to know how they do camera tricks, stunts, and smart movie editing. Etc. They miss the mark big time.

    Oh and Jelly fish ROCK!!! 🙂 I always come back with 200 pictures of Jelly fish from a trip to an aquarium 🙂

    • I’m a big Disney apologist, but I do think they’re pretty much the only ones who can pull this kind of stuff off. This dolphin show was very Sea World-esque. I think I might be the only non-PETA member who hates Sea World, but, yeah, I didn’t like it.

    • We prefer the Chattanooga aquarium, and we make it there more frequently. It’s a good bit cheaper, and so much lower key. No one tries to rush you away from the otters there!

  2. Oh my! I love the picture that you took of the solo jellyfish! If I were you, and if I had wall space left in my nursery, I would blow that up and hang it. Maybe on canvas, with one of those Groupon deals. It’s SO pretty and tranquil, and it matches your curtain/skirt fabric.

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