This and That…..and Introducing Our Newest Family Member

In an unusual turn of events in these days of the sleepless, mobile baby, I have SO MUCH to post about this week that I’m going to toss in a rare Tuesday post….a round-up of a couple of things that don’t need their own post and one that could carry one but doesn’t get to because there’s so much going on.

1. First up, work is going on in our sun room this week! The kind of work that we needed other people to do. We’re getting a new window to replace the most fogged up one (a couple of others are somewhat fogged up, but not badly, and are otherwise in good shape, so they’re sticking around for the time being). And all the window casings that need to be replaced are being replaced. We thought this would just be on a few of the windows, but then Roger, who is fixing my windows, told me that whoever put in the windows didn’t caulk around them, so they’re all sitting on rotten wood that’s getting worse every time it rains. Thanks again, people who built our sun room!

Ah well. At least now I won’t have to worry that Abe’s going to push a window out and fall 10 feet every time he hangs out in the sun room.

And, while I was writing this, I was informed that they are just about all finished! They just need to come back to haul off the old window and do a couple of other little things. Now we can actually see out of all the big sun room windows:



(new window installed; old window leaning against the wall for comparison purposes (and because they haven’t hauled it off yet))

2. I might just be all finished with holiday cards. I mean, except for the part where I actually send them to everyone. People! It’s still NOVEMBER. I am incredibly impressed with myself. I might post some outtakes from the big photo session along with Abe’s 10 month pictures later this week (and then I’ll save the actual card for….Christmas, I guess?)

3. Vintage planter collection: begun! I stopped by the Salvation Army the other day because word on the street (i.e. from my friend Kristi) was that they had a couple of mirrors that might work for my bathroom. Mirrors were gone, but I did find this guy:


…and I’m pretty in love with it. We have a Siamese mix kitty, so that works out well.

4. You might be thinking the Siamese cat planter is our newest family member, but no! It’s our supposed-to-be-a-foster dog: formerly Lance, now Rory:

lance3bw lance2 lance1


We’ve had him a couple of weeks, but I never got around to posting about him, perhaps because I secretly already knew he was never leaving. He’s a little Jack Russell or Jack Russell mix.

We had talked about keeping Rory before, but then, last Friday, Dave came home and said he wanted to do it. I can’t really tell Dave no about dog related things, after all the times he’s reluctantly told me yes. And I’m pretty smitten with Rory, too. All of us are. He loves all of us, and doesn’t play favorites. He is unendingly tolerant of Abe and all the fur pulling. He and Fiesta are great friends, and he’s the first foster we’ve had who can even come close to keeping up with her mad running skills. He even plays fetch. Beagles don’t fetch and neither, apparently, do big shaggy sheepdogs (well, at least ours doesn’t), so that’s a refreshing change for us.

We will probably foster again after the holidays, albeit on a less intense schedule.

So that’s a taste of what’s been going on around here. Back tomorrow with house stuff!



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  1. Oh Gretchen Rory is the cutest! I have this huge love and obsession for scruffy little dogs. He stole my heart. I want one so bad one day and hope my cats will allow it. They are really bossy!

    • Rory completely ignores our cats, so that’s worked out well….of course, ours are pretty used to strange dogs showing up randomly!

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