Kid Projects Board on Hometalk

Kid projects are some of our very favorite projects to work on.

Like Abe’s outdoor play kitchen:

And his play tent:

And Milo and Gus’s lego table:

And the sand and water tables:

And our biggest kid project of all, the swingset:




I’ve put together a round up of DIYs for kids over on Hometalk (like, to make for your kids, not for your kids to make themselves. Unless they are very handy. Then maybe they can make their own stuff while you just have a glass of wine and read a nice book). Anyway, take a look if you have a chance!

A Great Collection of Fun Projects to make for kids: get your backyard or playroom ready for summer fun! Play kitchens, lemonade stand, treehouse, backyard games, etc.

Kid DIY Board on Hometalk


Kid Projects Board on Hometalk — 3 Comments

  1. I just love Hometalk ! I love all the DIY projects people share and I have a list so long I won’t ever finish in my life time lol. As often as I am on that site i have never thought to look for DIY projects for kids things like these. Thank you so much for sharing this (and making that DIY to do list even longer lol ). BTW found your blog through Pinterest and so glad I did. I will be returning frequently 😊😊

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! The only bad thing about lists like this is how you know you’ll never be able to get around to most of them 😉

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