Kristi’s Modern Farmhouse/ Rustic Glam Master Bathroom Makeover

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I had these really grand plans for keeping up with blogging while we were out of town. I had photos all ready to edit from both my mom’s porch and Kristi’s bathroom. And then I was also going to do posts with photos of….designy things we saw on the trip: lovely houses, inspiring landscaping, cool old signs, etc, etc. But then I failed miserably at carrying out all my grand plans. Ah well. Next year I hope to improve! Anyway, we’re home! I didn’t do a much better job with the travel blog, but I do have the first two posts about our trip up over there so far. One about our stop in Elkin, NC and another about the campground we stayed at in Luray, VA, near Shenandoah National Park. Anyway, HERE is the post I was supposed to write a week or two ago!

My friend Kristi’s house has appeared on the blog before; I showed you her basement back in June of 2014. She (and her husband, Ony) always do an amazing job of making their spaces lovely and unique without spending a lot of money. Very sadly for our family, they up and moved all the way to Texas while I was out of town, so I made sure to get over and photograph their recently renovated master bathroom before I left, because I’m guessing the new people would think I was slightly crazy if I showed up and asked them to let me in to take pictures. We’ll be visiting Kristi’s new house next summer on our big road trip, so I’m expecting at least 4 or 5 beautifully finished rooms for me to photograph when I get there. Get on it, Kristi!

With the basement, Kristi and Ony started out with a blank slate. Not so much with their master bathroom. Instead, they started with this:

bathroom makeover before pic master bath before pic

What IS it with carpet in 1980’s bathrooms?! Why?! And that wallpaper! There was wallpaper in every single room of the house when they moved in (and on at least one ceiling).

And here’s the after:

farmhouse master bathroom


I may be biased, because Kristi’s my friend and all, but I think it looks a little better now.

That tile is probably the biggest show stopper in here. Kristi’s kind of weird because she claims to like tiling. So they did this all themselves, with these wood look ceramic tiles from Floor and Decor, laid out in a herringbone pattern. They paid $1/square foot for them, but they’re only 87 cents now, which makes me want to go tile something with them. Except for how I never want to tile anything ever again.

herringbone tile


The plank walls are plywood that they cut into strips with the help of the Kreg Rip-cut:


I forgot to get a closer up shot of the ceiling beams, but refer back to that first “after” shot; aren’t they a great way to make that angled ceiling look like a great architectural feature instead of a pain in the butt thing to deal with? The faux wood beams are from Home Depot.

The vanity came from a local cabinetmaker that happened to have one exactly right length. And then Kristi painted it black and added the sinks.

If you look closely, you’ll see that they worked with the existing tub and shower to keep the budget reasonable.

kbath05s kbath06s

kbath08s kbath04s

Budget friendly modern farmhouse/rustic glam master bathroom makeover, with herringbone tile and plank walls





Kristi’s Modern Farmhouse/ Rustic Glam Master Bathroom Makeover — 13 Comments

  1. What strikes me most is not the carpet, but the size! and the floor length windows! Could I just move a couch in there and call it done? Or a lot more plants and call it a conservatory?
    It’s a vast improvement but I couldn’t live with those wood-grain tiles. Things that are made of one material to look like another drive my brain around in circles.

    • Kristi’s old neighborhood is right down the road from ours; apparently all the builders in the area 30 years ago shared an affinity for disproportionately large, long and skinny master bathrooms!

      • It doesn’t help explain how builders think, but it sort of makes sense that they’re nearby. Sort of.

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