Mirror Gallery Wall in the Master Bath


See that blue wall reflected in the mirrors up there? You weren’t supposed to see that. We have the paint for the wall opposite the mirrors, and we fully intended to have it all done for this post. But then Dave managed to pull a tendon or something in his hip, an injury that Google tells me is most common in female ballerinas, and the weekend got a lot less productive than we intended.

But behold! Our solution to our giant vanity with awkward sink placement mirror dilemma!

See how the sinks are way over on the ends of the vanity top? This left us with mostly kind of undesirable options for mirror placement. We could center two big mirrors over the sinks and have a big empty wall space in the middle. We could get another HUGE mirror to replace the messed up frameless one we took down, but that would have been really expensive and not really the look we wanted anyway.

So: gallery wall of mirrors!

I’ve been collecting mirrors for this for months. I collected mirrors without ever bothering to actually measure the space we needed to fill, with the consequence that I now have more mirrors than I need. But I’ll either find other places for them or sell them, so not a big deal I guess. Without the burden of actual numbers, my imagination made this wall HUGE….big enough for at least a dozen mirrors, most of them around the size of those two big ones we ended up with.

Then we measured and laid them out on the floor and realized the truth:


Ah well.

So then we hung up the mirrors. I don’t have much to say about that. And now they’re on the wall, and we have bathroom mirrors again at long last, which is kind of nice:

mirrorwall04s mirrorwall03s

Starting from the left, that mirror with the gold rectangles is from my mom’s shop, as is the fancy, feathery gold one. Those frameless ones are from Target. The octagon and hexagon are thrifted, as is the big black oval one. I was planning to paint the wooden ones gold, but decided at the last minute that some natural wood be nice to break up all the gold and black.

And now, just when we’re finally getting some momentum in the bathroom, we’re going to abandon it to work frantically on our basement. Sorry, bathroom. Savor your new mirrors for awhile.

A gallery wall of mirrors for a master bath with awkward vanity/sink placement


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Mirror Gallery Wall in the Master Bath — 18 Comments

  1. So sorry to hear of Dave’s injury. I hope he heals quickly.

    This is such a great collection of mirrors. I love how they add brightness too. I can’t wait to see them reflecting the new wall color as well. After the basement work is over… 🙂 You have a busy couple of months ahead. Phew!

  2. Poor Dave! He should have been practicing all those ballet moves! 😉 This is an incredible solution for the great master mirror debacle of 2014. I mean seriously genius. Well done Gretchen.

  3. I could NOT STOP LAUGHING about the injury most common in female ballerinas. Check. Mate.

    This is so stinkin’ smart of an idea. Never would shave thought of it, but where would a mirror gallery wall be more suited than a bathroom. Love it.

    • Thanks, Kenz! You should see him….okay, trying to think of a funny ballet joke, and coming up completely empty. it’s late! insert your own joke here 🙂

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