More About the Library

So yesterday I left off by saying I couldn’t yet tell you about my potential future plans for the library because I had to go watch Doctor Who (I didn’t mention that it was Doctor Who. It was). Today I’ve decided to do something extraordinary and actually write the future post I promised.

Oh, first off: I realized I forgot to mention that we did this when we were moving stuff around in the library:

There’s that beagle again. That round rug used to be under the chair in the library. It doesn’t work in there anymore, so I tried moving it into the foyer, where my overgrown doormat was going to live if it were bigger.

It’s super practical there because I can toss it in the washer easily (and have many times). It’s cushy, and the dogs love it. I don’t think it will stay there forever, but I’m happy with it for now.  I think it’s supposed to be pushed closer to the door than it is in that picture; it’s too lined up with the other rug. But I cut down the mat under it go under the blue and purple rug, so now it kind of moves around a lot anyway.

But back to the library with its teeny loveseat:

As I mentioned yesterday, more seating was one of the goals when we bought the loveseat and, if you pull out the chairs because they’re suddenly too damn big, you don’t get that. I’m thinking about two small chairs on either side of the loveseat and then a low coffee table.

Like maybe these chairs:

I haven’t seen them in real life to see if the scale is right. But my experience is that Ikea things are generally smaller than I expect them to be. These would be terribly impractical because of the arms; Milo and Dave need to play guitar in the library chairs, so armless is much better. But this one is so pretty.
Still, I might look instead for some vintage mid-century-esque chairs on Craigslist instead. Armless. Sigh. Or Milo can play guitar somewhere else. We have armless chairs in the dining room. They’re not that heavy. He can drag them over to the library (where the amp is).
And then I’m itching to find a place for this rug:
And then I have big DIY project plans for the coffee table. 
Something like this:
Or this:
I feel a little silly pouring all this energy into the library when my back porch is practically falling down. But the porch is way out BACK. The library’s the first thing you see. Also it’s easier and cheaper to deal with.

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