Pumpkin Parade: Sharpie Pumpkins



Given the finished project that I just showed you here, you might be a little surprised by my inspiration, which is a giant pumpkin painted black.

Yeah, they don’t look much alike. I really liked the idea of one big pumpkin sitting on a chair, but I wanted to do a big white one instead of black. Mostly because I wanted to write (a lot of) “The Raven” on there with a Sharpie paint pen, in keeping with my Raven themed Halloween (see: Raven planters, Halloween tree with Nevermore banner, Raven-themed vignette).

So my plan was to acquire a giant white pumpkin and start writing. My plan was also that this would be really easy. Six stores later, the best I could come up with was three smallish white pumpkins. I was willing to accept either a real or a fake giant white pumpkin. What I was not willing to do, or at least what I was hoping not to have to do, was paint a pumpkin. I don’t know why, really; it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. I was just convinced I could find what I wanted without painting.

Until I couldn’t.

Oh well.

So I decided to go with 3 different designs on 3 different pumpkins instead. The first was still writing out the beginning of “The Raven.” I used Sharpie Oil-Based Pant Markers (affiliate link) for all of these, by the way. I measured out and drew guidelines lightly in pencil, then just started writing. Writing on a pumpkin is a little tricky. They are bumpy. And my cursive is decent, but it’s pretty no-frills; I think this would have looked better were I a more flowery handwriting kind of person.



I went with a web and spider for pumpkin #2, and I have to say that’s the one I’m the least pleased with. I couldn’t think of anything I was particularly excited about for the last pumpkin, but I remembered that I had a gold sharpie sitting around, and decided to bust it out and just do some simple stripes. I felt a little lame going with something so basic, but I really like the end result.

I put them all in the chair and took pictures:

pumpkins4 pumpkins3

sharpie pumpkins square

Then Gable the dog started getting just a little bit too interested in the pumpkins, and I remembered losing a few last year to curious dog teeth, so I moved my sharpie pumpkins outside:


We’re now at the midway point of our week full of Pumpkin-abulousness, in which I and ELEVEN other bloggers are posting are projects all week and THEN having a giant link party on Friday so we can see everyone else’s pumpkins, too. My Wednesday co-pumpkiners are:

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These Sharpie pumpkins make simple and elegant Halloween decorations


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Pumpkin Parade: Sharpie Pumpkins — 60 Comments

    • Ha! If you look really closely, you’ll see that I got lazy and stopped on mine before I made it all the way to the bottom…so don’t be checking your mailbox for yours too hopefully 😉

    • Thanks, Katja! I feel even more sheepish that by curious dog meant I couldn’t even leave my pumpkins in the chair like in the inspiration photo!

  1. I love the Raven on the Pumpkin, clever and just creepy enough! Great way to tie into your theme! And I think the spider one looks just fine! I like it a lot!

    • Thanks! I don’t hate the spider web; just not my favorite. I almost did another raven like on the planters outside, but I thought that might be going a little too far…

    • Thanks, Krista! They ARE real….I just went back and read and realized I never made it clear which kind I ended up with 🙂

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