Redecorating the Blog

So things are looking different around here today!

What happened was I mentioned that I needed to make a business card before Haven, the blogging conference I’m going to later in the summer, and my wonderful blogging friend, Katja, from Shift Ctrl Art said she could help me out, and the next thing I knew she’d not only designed a business card for me, but redesigned the whole blog.

If you’ve seen how Katja’s designed her house, you’ll understand why this was very exciting for me. Like check out her living room:

living room before and after at Shift Ctrl Art

Shift Ctrl Art tour

And her kitchen:

Shift Ctrl Art kitchen makeover

Shift Ctrl Art tour

And then go over to the blog and check out the rest, because it’s all amazing AND Katja is witty and fun, and the blog is a wonderful read.

I was secretly hoping she’d suggest a pixely Mario for my new logo:

Pixel-wall-art-Mario: Shift Ctrl Art

Mario at Shift Ctrl Art

Not really. Although he’s pretty fabulous. But I think what she came up with is probably a slightly better fit for the blog. It’s my house, see?! Katja came up with the basic design and then we e-mailed back and forth about it, and she worked on it until it was perfect. Now I really can’t ever move, but that’s okay, because I didn’t want to anyway. (I’m kidding. There are things about moving that are EVEN MORE trouble than having to get a new logo for your blog, which is just one reason why I’m not doing it).

Anyway, so thanks SO MUCHΒ  to Katja, and, if you have any design work that needs doing, you can find her contact info and check out her other work here and here.


Redecorating the Blog — 21 Comments

  1. Darn… we should have pixelated your house. I KNEW there was an option we didn’t cover. Hahahaha. Thank you so much for all the nice things you are saying about me Gretchen. It was so great working on this project with you!

  2. Catching up on my reading here–I LOVE the new look! The header is great. Hope you have fun at Haven, too. Going to a conference in on my list of things to experience. I think I’d like to go with someone else, and I just haven’t been committed enough to the blog to make it happen. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes for you.

    • I’m very nervous about it–I’m such an introverted non-joiner! But it’s 20 minutes from my house, so it seemed almost silly NOT to go.

  3. It looks amazing! I knew this was in the works and snuck a peek a long time ago…you know like when this was actually written!! Katja is pretty much amazing.

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