Shopping Spree

You certainly wouldn’t be able to guess this by looking in my overstuffed basement or garage, but I often go a remarkably long time without buying anything that doesn’t come from a thrift store (I mean, except, like, food and gas and electricity. You know what I mean!) But this week, I bought SO MANY THINGS. Like two. Well, more than three, but a lot of them were boring things like Gus’ new math book and some leveling blocks for our trailer. I’m not going to write a whole post about them. You’re welcome. (The leveling blocks are actually pretty cool. They snap together like legos! We haven’t tried them out yet. Maybe they’ll be so fun I WILL write a post about them!)

Anyway, thing #1 is a thing for our trailer (does our trailer need a name, by the way? The kids think it does), but not leveling blocks. It’s dishes!


This isn’t all of them. I bought two sets of four place settings, so we have enough for everyone now, plus any friends who might be tagging along. They’re the Room Essentials thin stripe melamine (affiliate link). I paid a little under $40 for both sets, but that included a 15% off code (looks like there’s a 10% off one right now) and free shipping and 5% off with my Target card. Retail is around $22 per set.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I found some white melamine plates with black polka dots along the edges on clearance for 88 cents each last weekend. They only had the dessert plate size, though–not bowls or dinner plates–so I went online when I got home to see if I could find more to go with them. They did have the same dishes in red, but I didn’t want red, because every other trailer makeover you see is red and blue, and I think red and blue is swell, but I don’t want my trailer to look like every other one you see. So I went with these kind of modern, kind of retro graphic black and white, thinking they would work with whatever colors we end up with in there.

I linked to some Camp Casual vintage camper dishes (affiliate link) awhile back, and they were very popular with the commenters. I still love them, but I just couldn’t quite bring myself to use camper dishes IN my camper. They’d go pretty well with my HOUSE kitchen, though, if anyone’s doing some early Christmas shopping ;).

So, anyway, I’m kind of excited to have my first decorative (but also functional) trailer purchase made.

And next: a blanket for Abe’s room!


This blanket was the inspiration piece for the whole room: the Hudson Bay point blanket. I think this one is probably a knock-off, because it doesn’t have the “point” stripes in the middle. I found it on ebay by googling “vintage striped wool blanket” instead of Hudson Bay, in hopes of finding a less searched for deal. I paid $65, including shipping. It’s possible some patience would have worked just as well; it’s hard to say because sometimes the ones in good condition go for well over $100. This one looks great, but it’s a little musty. I just put it through the washer on the delicate cycle a little while ago, so we’ll see what happens. It kind of smells like my great grandmother’s house used to right now.

I still need to work out the other bedding, obviously (I have been on a mad quest for black and white buffalo plaid flannel sheets, and I can’t find them ANYWHERE (except Pottery Barn Kids, but for too much, and I really just need the fitted sheet, and they don’t sell just it)), but I’m loving how things are coming together in here. I got the glimpse of the curtains in the shot on purpose, because I’m very pleased with how everything’s working in this little corner right now.

We have a twin boxspring just sitting in our garage from some bed or other, and I’m thinking I’ll move it in here to give Abe’s bed a little more height. It’s SO low right now. And that would also solve the problem of what to do with the random box spring hanging out in our garage, so there’s that.


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    • We could, except it hasn’t been sunny here for ONE MILLION YEARS! Fortunately, the washer seems to have done the trick, and Abe’s room doesn’t smell like he’s 103 anymore :). If it ever stops raining, I’ll stick it outside for awhile for good measure.

    • And I love your trailer’s name! See? You already took the best one, so there’s no point in us even trying ;). J/K….we have a few ideas. I might do a whole post about it sometime.

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